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Shot Jackson (Sho-Bud) Gretschy-ish DC


No Affiliation With Seller.

Interesting looking doublecut with Gretsch '70s pickups and IIRC tuners. Looks like a Duane Eddy handle on the Bigsby (?).


There was some kind of affiliation between Gretsch and Sho Bud and the 70s, but whatever it is, it's not 1960.


Drew posted that guitar on FB about a week ago. I think it's a modified Standel/Koontz guitar. Baldwin Gretsch tuners, pickups, and bridge, and what looks like a 50's B3 Bigsby.


Is that a screw-dowel on the back of the neck?


This guitar has been on ebay practically forever and the last time I checked it was for sale at about $3700 instead of the $4000+ on Reverb

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