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How cool Curt! The guitar looks awesome. Do you make your own hardware? I have used Rutters' steel compensated saddles with 10-52 and manage to get intonated ok. I love those saddles because they sound great, intonate perfectly and look like old school steel saddles. No weird angles and no string wander.

I like the idea of increasing neck angle to raise the saddle height. One thing which drives me crazy is not having enough neck angle. I've even shimmed necks on Fenders to raise the bridge saddles and it definitely sounds better to me. Plus the screws in the saddles don't eat into your hand.

– JimmyR

Thanks, I appreciate it.

I'm 58 but still a kid at Christmas when it all works out. The most important things are always playability/tone/sound and somehow it all came together.

I don't make my own parts, time and the fact that there's so much good stuff out there I don't feel the need. The bridge and saddles are Wilkinson, the neck pickup is an SD Pearly Gates and the bridge is a modified SD Lap steel (I am going to start winding my bridge pickups). The body is the 200 year old Douglas Fir from the schoolhouse which makes my side of the garage unusable. Also, it looks like a Tele but the body is bigger and all the parts are in different places, keeps things interesting.


I am jealous of your skills! How wonderful to make guitars. I make do with making amps and effects, but making a guitar would be amazing.

I am a huge admirer of people like you who just do stuff. I love people who go and do their own thing, follow their passion, build things. Sure beats pushing paper around in an office.


Here's another video of Bash and Pop. Tommy uses the Schoolhoused exclusively.

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