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SAUVAGE: $85K One-piece offset guitar


These things are beautiful. They have it all. Crafted from a single piece of olive burl ash, mammoth horn nut, damascus steel hardware. Really stunning. Almost as stunning as the price tag. These really push the limit. For those of you who have multiple residences, fat portfolios, and a love of beauty.

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They put neck-through construction to shame.


Only the price of 9 custom shop GreTscH geetars.


I'd rather have a Sausage & peppers sandwich.


I saw a couple of these guitars at the NAMM Show. They were quite nice looking, but I couldn't get my head wrapped around that price tag. They just didn't seem $75,000 (the price described at the NAMM Show) worth of nice.


I'd rather have a Smith Special. But the idea and the design is worthy of appreciation.

Were they letting people play them at NAMM?


Incredible workmanship and attention to detail. Glad I don't want one!


Seems like there's some kinda offset guitar frenzy going on lately.


The usual path is that something mundane and produced in low volume to an unassuming existing clientele then in latter years becomes special, rare, and collectible.

This is backwards.


I'd rather play a Dano, too much eyewash for me.


It's a CNC guitar! I don't understand where there is justification for a higher price than $2,000 USD for this guitar. I don't think they actually want to sell them.


Dopey demo. The loop was louder than the player. It's a cool idea of what to do with a large slab of wood and eye-pleasing. I wish I could make bets on how much the resale falls for a used one.


That is insane. No thanks, even at a huge discount.


They have it all? I don't see a vibrato


Paging Otter and his CNC machine....!!


Kinda reminds me of many years ago when I debated whether or not to buy an expensive six back of beer. The concern wasn't that I wouldn't like it, the concern was that I would.

The blue one above is nice, but I'm not trying it if given the opportunity.


Were they letting people play them at NAMM? -- Strummerson

Not that I saw. They were displayed more like works of art.


Were they letting people play them at NAMM? -- Strummerson

Not that I saw. They were displayed more like works of art.

– Ric12string

IMO, they fail miserably on that count - YMMV - as well as the immoral asking price.


Why is the asking price immoral? If someone is willing to pay that, that is what it's worth. How does morality come into it? It is a ridiculous price, for sure. But immoral? How so?

I'd much rather have a TK Smith Special, a custom shop GreTscH, and a slew of vintage instruments had I that money. But I like the design ideas here. Love the idea of a guitar cut from a single piece of wood.

And with hardware made from damascus steel, it could double as a Spanish rapier.


Paging Otter and his CNC machine....!!

– Metman

Mine would have Dynas and a Bigsby, like a proper guitar


Mammoth tone I bet.


Another thing that's odd is that they show three models but the only real difference is the color. Way too pricey!

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