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For Sale Westbury Super Custom. I purchased it new in 1981 it is in very good condition. Does anyone know what the value is in today's market. I have not played it in years, I play accoustic Guild F50.


I'm a fan of the Westbury Custom & Custom-S (Super). I recently picked one up in a trade. I think I've got about $300 in it.


Hi Sam. I am interested in your Westbury. Can you tell me a bit more about the condition and how much you are asking? Thanks.


I had a Westbury for awhile. Gigged with it. I bought it at Bluebond Guitars in Philly, ended up leaving it behind at a practice spot for too long and poof, it turned into thin air. Had duncans in it. Pretty good guitar.


The gold plating is worn from age, small ding by the bridge. The guitar overall is in beautiful condition. $800.00


This Westbury is all original, very sweet.


My Westbury has been sold as of 6/7/12, it has a new home in Canada.


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