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Saddest Fender Ever


I think I'd agree with that.

"Body has been Modified and repainted"
"One pickup non-original"
"intermittent electronics"
"includes case"


Don't forget that mutant I had:


I don't know what's sadder---that guitar or the seller's asking price.


I like it.

And it's not the saddest Fender ever.

You gotta see my kid's strat...heh!


The neck might still be worth some cash


WTF? There's not enough money to get me to even consider this much less play it. $3300 original price marked down to $2400. The owner's best hope is to go full bore parts weasel and sell everything but the body. That should be reserved for the fire pit.


After the teen girl got her arm bit off by the shark, she got famous!

Moral: There's hope!



I don't hate it. It's a little Breadwinnerish.


I thought it was a photoshop job at first.

Honestly, for $900, I'd run it through a saw to cut that upper "horn" clean off, glue a new piece on, and refinish. You'd never see the surgery, and then you get a 64 Fender for $900 plus a chunk of ash (or alder?). You probably could never sell it for any more than that though.


Ok, not a fender, but this Abernethy Twang Dangler, for the low, low, discounted price of $2,400.00 gets my vote.

Abernethy Twang Dangler

– crowbone

Thanks a lot, Crowbone. Can't un-see that one.

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