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Rock N Roll Relics, anybody know of them?


Was tripping around on another forum and came across this:

Turns out to be put together by a Bay area company- Rock N roll Relics, who apparently only operate from a website and don't have a storefront. What they do seem to offer is a whole bunch of different clones of well-known models by Fender, PRS, Gibson and Gretsch upon which they have wrought their own unique imprint, then are selling for prices which tell me that they're not hand-made, custom shop relics a la Stearns and Co ($2300 for their Strat clone, dubbed "Blackmore", 3500 for the relic'd Goldtop clone, bearing the moniker "Heartbreaker Gold Top").

So- are they buying up used or pawnshop wrecks? Chinese or Malaysian bodies?

Curious- has anyone ever run across one?

(link- http://www.rocknrollrelics....)


I played the early ones and I doubt they are made off shore. I remember them being pretty nice and comparable to Nash


They are good guitars of the "reasonable relic" kind (by that I mean they don't generally look like someone dragged them down the highway behind his truck). Capsule Music in Toronto used to be a dealer; don't know if they still are or not. I'm not sure if they "make" them, or assemble them like Nash.


Rock'n'roll relics? For a minute I thought things were getting personal!


Billy d? Cam talked about these. Did he talk to you about this outfit?


I had an early one of his teles. Was comparable to Nash. Mine was very lightly reliced.

I think Billy D had something to do with Revelator guitars . Use to love his demos. Hope it’s the same Billy d - was before a joined the Gretsch pages.. so ,...


They are handmade in the US, just not unnecessarily overpriced like many out there. Theyre his own takes on classic designs named after classic players, so the "heartbreaker" is his take on a johnny thunders style guitar reimagined. The strats are called "blackmores" or something for obvious reasons. Cool concept, lots of unique builds, though I wish they weren't all relic'd. I follow his Instagram, lots of cool stuff there! LP junior-styles with filtertrons etc


You mean this post isn't about Mick and Keef?


Precision Guitar Kits provide bodies and necks.


Precision Guitar Kits provide bodies and necks.

– razzer10_4

I suspected something along these lines.

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