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RIP; Peter Florance, Gretsch man, Singer, Guitar Luthier & electron…


Peter Florance, Gretsch man, Singer, Guitar Luthier & electronics master has passed. He had the golden ear of guitar tone and not only made wonderful guitars but his guitar pickups are legendary, top pickers clamored for his creations. He was a friend that loved playing w band using a few of my pedals and I in turn, love love love his pickups in my telecasters as well as the P90s he built for me.Not to mention sharing his time and expertise w me, even winding me a set of pickups just like he did for Keef.

What a loss of a great man...... :(


Well put Tavo, a very cool chap indeed.

Rest easy Peter.


Sad day. Sorry to hear it. The man and his products have a stellar reputation, and it's tough to lose a friend and mentor.


Sorry for the loss of your friend.


sorry for the loss t...i know you always proclaimed those florance pups

always sad to see a guitar brother go




Thats a sad loss, I have a pair of his Voodoo Humbuckers in my Epiphone Elitist 65 ES335.Great innovator .


Sorry to hear, Tavo.


Sad news. I've had a Florance pickup in the neck of my Tele to compliment the 51 Fender lap steel in the bridge for some time now, perfect combo. Rest in Peace Brother


Very sad. Sorry for your loss, and the world's.


I had not heard of this - my condolences Tavo. He did great work. RIP Peter.

I have a few guitars with Florence/Voodoo pickups in them - Tele's, a Strat, and a set of his humbuckers I put into a 2011 SG - and they are fabulous. I also bought a silver sparkle Strat body from him at the Philly show years ago to make this:


Really sorry to hear that. I remember calling Peter at his place in Pennsylvania to order a pair of his pickups for my 2004 Les Paul. He didn't answer the 'phone but called back about half an hour later. "Sorry man, can't hear the 'phone when I'm out in the barn with my Les Paul and Marshall stacks. One of the reasons that I moved here!"

Great guy. Sad loss. 15 years and hundreds of gigs later later his pickups are still in the guitar.


Sorry to learn of his passing. His pickups get nothing but love over on TDPRI.

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