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Rickenbacker 330 & 4003 in British Racing Green


Made exclusively for the UK, AStrings have the 4003.


Now that’s British racing green! Love that 330!


Should have a matte silver controlplate/pickguard


Looks pretty close to my fathers old '67 Rover 2000TC.


Should have a matte silver controlplate/pickguard

– Strummerson

Yes---a matte silver pickguard would be perfect. Great looking 330.


They look great! That is a great color for those. The 330 also has toasters.


The checked binding on the bass is class,love checked binding .


Love those Ric Toasters. Someone posted about not being able to tell the difference between Toasters and Ric Hi Gain pickups. I have some of both. The high gains are loud, and very mid-rangey the Toasters are modest loudness wise, very sweet and a bit treble- y. But the sweetness makes up for the treble type tone. Check out What You're Doing by the Beatles.. Toaster pickups are all over that song. Check out the last chord on that song: it's the bridge pickup all the way, and is it glorious! THAT is a Toaster pickup.

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