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Rick w/ a Bigsby


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I’m looking at 5 of my Ricks on stands right now and that headstock looks all wrong BEFORE you even get to the WTF tuners. Could be worse, though. Somebody coulda put a Bigsby on it......waitaminnit....

Anyway, my submission is there’s sumpthin rotten in the state-a-Denmark. But, in honor of GS’ optimism, I give you...

Oh yeah...and Ducklife, duck off.


The nut has been replaced (and besides being white there's someting off about it). Obviously the tuners are not original or even repro's of the originals but at least they are Schallers and a functional improvement over the originals (the buttons could be swapped out for oval ones which would be a bit more aesthetically pleasing) but my biggest problem with that guitar is the Bigsby. OK...IMO, it's a bad idea from jump but using a B-7 is so wrong on so many levels.


And I'll tell you what's also odd about this Rickenbacker: This has the old body style used on George Harrison's 360/12 string and NOT the post 1966 body style with the rounded top edge that was customary with 360's and 370's. I had a Jetglo 370 from 1968 (I think that was the year), the only one made that year, and it had the the rounded top edge.


Rickenbacker made guitars with double bound bodies on a special order basis when the 360 - 375 rounded body style became standard ,this is were the OS suffix is used ,Old Style.

It then went to w/WBBS = with White Binding Both Sides.

Later still it was shortened to WB.

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