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Rick Turner Model 1


Anyone ever played one? Though somehow fundamentally ungretschy in some way, they look and sound beautiful in clips. Love the way the magnetic pickup and the piezo blend. Usually I don't look for versatility in a guitar. I like a guitar to have its own character, not try to do a bunch of different things. But this one seems like it makes versatility part of its character. But I have never seen one in person or played one.


I have not played one, nor have I seen one.

I saw Fleetwood Mac at the '76 Texas Jam. I believe this was before Mr. Buckingham had one, and he was using a white Les Paul.

I also saw a solo acoustic show in a tiny theater in McKinney, Texas about 2 years ago. I don't recall that he played one there either. L. Buckingham used Taylors.

I am friends/acquaintances with Rick Turner on facewaste. He has lots of stories about guitars and famous musicians. Most are very interesting.

Mr. Turner is also a "political-viewed" machine, and like most people, he believes he is right in every way. No harm, it's only facewaste.

I would someday like to own a Model 1, or even an Alembic Model 1 guitar. I think he made those, or was part of the team. I'm not sure.



played an original one...nice guitar...pretty beefy neck (ala 50's gibby)..wood was nice..had a sort of homemade feel..it was years ago and it was cheap..wish i had gotten it!

buckingham plays the heck out of it



I've played a couple, TrueTone currently has a couple of used Turners on the wall, they're quite nice, and Lindsey B. can make any guitar sound great, so you put a good guitar in his hands, and it sounds even better. A friend of mine has a 12-string Rick made that has 6 nylon and 6 steel strings, the steels being the octaves, well, 4 of them, anyway, and separate pickups for the steel and nylon strings. My friend had me build him a stereo volume control so he could adjust the volume downward as he wanted, so of course I had to call it "The downTurner." I traded some emails with Rick over the course of its construction and sent him pics of it. He seemed flattered by the name. A very nice guy.


I was lusting after one for awhile at Willie's American Guitar. Luckily for me it sold.


This one was mine for a time. It was the most meticulously constructed and finished instrument I've ever owned. Sounded heavenly (yes, very versatile), and played like butter. Seemed like a beautiful, mint condition heirloom from centuries past, though, and as I was afraid to get even a single scratch on it, I finally let it go.


Lacking Talent, you certainly don't lack in taste!

Wish there was a factory run so I could aspire to one. I don't think they go for less than $4K used.


Lacking Talent, you certainly don't lack in taste!

Wish there was a factory run so I could aspire to one. I don't think they go for less than $4K used.

– Strummerson

There are these from Michael Kelly, although just the piezo part:



If I remember correctly, I read or saw a L. Buckingham interview, and he stated that he was mainly a Telecaster player. When he agreed to join Fleetwood Mac, he was encouraged to play a heavier-sounding guitar, therefore, the Les Paul came into play.

Either way, he asked, or was offered by Rick Turner, to make a guitar that combined the two sounds, hence, the Turner 1.

I'd love to own one, but no way would I put a Bigsby on it. I'm not knocking anyone who would, but I like it without.



This is one of those guitars that I would get in the very unlikely event that I should start making some money with music.


Yeah, if I could afford one, I'd have it fitted with a TK Smith vibrato.


That'd be a Lottery win guitar for me....


Amongst other things, my brother-in-law's day job for the past 17 years has been playing keyboards (and a few numbers on a 6120 'cos he likes 'em) in a Mac tribute band, RumoursFM. They do a UK/Ireland theatre tour most years — in fact they finished their current tour of about 40 dates in Dublin last night. For about the last ten years or so their guitar player has used a Rick Turner Buckingham guitar for about two-thirds of their show (a Les Paul for the Peter Green stuff). We go and see two or three of their shows each tour, probably for social reasons as much as listening to Mac music, but I've seen the Turner guitar close up, and heard it on goodness knows how many songs.

It is beautifully made and sounds exactly like you would expect — but so it should for that price.


I have a Rick Turner Renaissance-N nylon-string guitar. It looks cool, and plays great. It's got a chambered body and a solid top, so it plays great amplified, with no feedback. I switch between it and my Godin Multiac for fingerstyle stuff. The Rick Turner has a wider / flat (2") fingerboard vs the Godin's 1.9" / 16" radius neck. It also has a shorter scale, with the neck joining @ the 12th vs the 14th fret. It has a massive cutaway, so you can still go up the neck, just not as much as the Godin. They both have their advantages.

That being said, I know lots of players with Godins. I rarely see another Rick Turner RN-6. (In fact, I've never met another player who has one).


I also see the Michael Kelly versions that are pretty cheap, considering. They're built in S. Korea, vs mine, which was built in Rick's shop in Santa Cruz...and considering the year, probably built by Rick.

CSB - I was at a guitar festival in CA back in '98, and talked with his ex-wife (Jessica Baron). She wrote Smart Start Guitar, and teaches. She had a Taylor with no fancy details (binding or soundhole decoration). I asked if I could see it, and she said, "no problem, go ahead and play it".

When I complimented her on how well it sounded / played, she said "Thanks, Bob (Taylor) gave that to me". I looked inside the soundhole, and the hand-written label said "GC Proto #1".

I carefully handed it back to her before I dinged it on anything.

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