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Reverb Joe demos Fender Acoustasonic in studio recording…


... after providing a thorough tour of the instrument and its features, discussing typical use cases, and reporting on how it shredded his expectations.

(With appearances of pedals from Earthquaker, Chase Bliss, Walrus, etc.)

Probably worth 10 minutes of your time...



If I were regularly gigging at the pub round the corner, or various small-ish venues, in some sort of small combo or duo, playing popular covers or whatever, I can totally see how this would come in real handy. Especially with a looper pedal.


I love Joe, but as a former Stratacoustic owner, I really want to hate that guitar.

Luckily I'm not really the target market.


Well, ain't that special? It even looks cool. I think $1999.99 is a tad steep though, JMO.


Somewhere on an earlier NAMM thread I asked about this one....I like it!


1999.99 seems to be the price of Fenders upper tier production guitars. All of the Elite series are the same price, it's what I paid for my Elite Stratocaster. I have an Acoustasonic 90 amplifier, I'm somewhat surprised that they recycled that name. I'm thinking the two would get along with each other well.


Wow. I can see a future where every recording studio will have one of these hanging on their wall. I have a few friends that are good with their loopers that would benefit from all the features and sounds on this guitar.

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