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Revelation duo revealed


Well these maybe made individual appearances but together for the first time in 6 months

Revelation 24" short scale Tele. Only one seen w/ maple neck. Upgraded with TVJ and a Telebucker to balance it out. Replaced China-tronics w/ good stuff. Plus BIG frets now. Been advertised but silence is deafening.

Then kool Revelation Jazzmaster 12. If you haven't played 12 on a 2 inch wide neck you have not lived. Only other 2" wide necks I know are 1960s Gibson B-45 and B-25 acoustic 12 strings. China tronics replaced of course, stock knobs are Strat knobs... and single coil P 90s replaced w/ bucker P 90s that don't sound a lot different but no noise.


You say you want a Revelation, well, you know
We all want to change our scale.


Well the 12 string is also going because it's 25.5 scale. Not as much of a deal breaker for a 12 string. The TSS (tele short scale) is going just because I like the Duo Sonic better.

But I am having a 24" scale 12 string made that will blow your minds. And more short scale mayhem is in the works.


Tele just sold -- dudes U missed it

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