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Resonator guitar recommendations for live shows?


A resonator guitar has always been on my bucket list, but if I’m going to pull the trigger, I’d like to perform with it. I could see it as a “change of pace” for acoustic shows or a different kind of flavor for my full band. The last time I was entertained with the idea was maybe twenty years ago and there were challenges with amplifying it. I know Gretsch has released a line of affordable options with their Roots collection, does anyone have a recommendation or at least point out anything I should be on the look out for? Have we we advanced enough for solid aftermarket pickup?

For as much as I love guitars, I will admit that I don’t know much about resonators….


Republic. Affordable and can be ordered with a couple of different style pickups.


I'd like to have a resonator too, but haven't found one that knocks me out. I'd love to get my hands on a Mule to try it first because of the big price tag. That fellow is using McNelly pickups on them. http://muleresophonic.com/


I've seen them with pickups near the neck, and with piezo bridge pickups. I don't think either will give you the sound of the resonator tho. You'd definitely need to mike it somehow, and in a live situation, that may not be the best solution. An internal mike/piezo system would probably work the best.

I worked a show with a fellow named Scott Ainsley, a fairly well known resonator player. He got by with a mike in our small theater that worked pretty well. His old National was loud enough it really didn't need a mike to begin with.

In an acoustic group situation, you'd need to mike the other guitars instead of the resonator.

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