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Anyone have any experience with the Supro reissues or the kit guitars? The for sale thread on the Roadhouse Vista Tone pups got me thinking about these.


They sound ok, but nothing like my '62 Dual Tone. Where my Dual Tone is the reason they say Supros are good for slide only, the tone trumps the playability hands down.


Did the new one sound much different than a chambered wood guitar? How about the pickups? Much different than a P90?

Sam Ash has a couple at $299 and $399 that are tempting to try at that price, but if they don't sound much different than anything else it would be kind of pointless.


I have a '65 Tremolectric -resoglass body and built in tremolo (!) and also one of the new "acoustiglass" Sahara's. The tone is actually surprisingly similar. I think they did a nice job with the pickups. The combination wooden bridge saddle and that pickup gives it a unique tone. One thing the new one doesn't copy is the tone control on the pickup (bridge only) works the regular way - turning it down bleeds off high end. On my Tremolectric, the bridge pickup tone control is wired somehow that as you turn it down it doesn't just bleed off high end, but makes it fatter and easier to overdrive. Turned all the way up, it's real thin-sounding.

My new one has developed some fret sprout which I'm trying to humidfy out but what do you expect for $299? It's definitely not a P90 sound.

Here's the Tremolectric:


I had an Eastwood AIrline (which may not play much into your question) - I thought it was an interesting guitar but the neck was thick and chunky and honestly the thing felt like a toy.

It didn't sound that exciting, I upgraded the pickups to alnicos (easy to do with eastwoods) but the weird screamy tone that I wasn't getting there I got sticking those Vista-Tones into a solid body guitar.

It think there's definitely some mojo to be had with them, but IMPO (in my personal opinion) the reso-glass guitars aren't super great for an experimentation platform. Your mileage may vary.

(As a total aside, I find it endlessly amusing how we discuss aspects of tone in a virtual platform, where we all have different ears, brains, and hands)


That Tremolectric looks great!

Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to try one of the cheap ones from Sam Ash just to see if I like it. If it's too generic or I don't like it, I guess I can always use their 45 day return policy.


There are two at Sweetwater. One is listed 6lbs 13oz, the other at 6lbs 6oz. Sam Ash didn't show a weight. I can't speak to the old ones.


Here's a picture of my reissue Sahara:

In addition to the pickup, I think they got the color right too. The neck is a little shallower, but not much. I've surprisingly resisted the temptation (so far) to open it up to see how it's put together.


I've got one of the kits I'm putting some old Kay thin-twin pickups in. If I ever finish it.


I'd like to try to build one of those kits someday. Guitar Kits USA (or whatever it's called) looks like it's out of stock of all but a few lefty kits. I messaged them to see if they are going to restock or not. I haven't heard back yet.


My Dual-Tone is like this! Turning the tone down does what you'd expect until you get to the very end, then all hell breaks loose! I'd like to know how to do this to other guitars. I have some pics of the wiring from the last time I had it apart. I'm going to have to look at them closely.


I saved this picture from when I bought the Tremolectric. I don't know if I have any pictures that show the value of the cap. The clip near the middle of the picture is the battery holder (C cell) for the Tremolo.

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