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Replacement tuning machine advice: Epiphone Century Deluxe


Hello people, I’m bonding more and more with my Epiphone Deluxe reissue. The one thing that bugs me are the tuning machines: they look pretty but are jumpy and uneven and generally annoying. Any suggestions on which tuners might work well (and look nice) on this headstock? I measured the screw hole distance as 24mm, which I think is pretty standard.


Kluson reissues would at least look correct, but I'm not sure if they're a direct drop-in for the originals. Got these for my '58 Gibson ES225, which had gotten new (ugly) tuners long before I bought it. Pretty pleased with'em.

Klusons on eBay



Go to stewmac.com. They have measurements on their site which should be helpful. And yeah, Klusons.


Thanks guys, the Klusons are a good shout. I’m half tempted to just put in StaTites because I love them but the plastic heads probably meet the aesthetic more precisely.


Plastic?!!! Ahem. You mean pearloid keystones, no?


Plastic. Shimmery plastic.


Plastic. Shimmery plastic.

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