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Recording King Century 33


Yesterday while at Guitar Center I went to the acoustic guitar room. Tried out this guitar. It has the plastic fretboard and headstock. Awhile back I posted about a Recording King uke with plastic board and headstock. This is the guitar version of course that I am posting about now. Fretboard kind of like the old Polverini Brothers guitars or Goya guitars.

I'll post a video demo of it some guy from Guitar Center put up on YouTube.

The guitar sounded really good in my opinion. Any of you try one and what's your thought on this guitar?


Looks very cool. Sounds a lot like the newer Gretsch Roots acoustics. I'll definitely want to try one out.


Never seen that much MOTS on one instrument! I like the neck inlays and it has a lovely balanced tone as a rhythm guitar. What would be the age of this guitar?


I have an early 1920's era Gibson tenor banjo with a Pearloid (MOTS) fretboard and head stock. It belonged to my dearly departed grandfather, who owned it for many years. It's in surprising good condition for being around 95 years old. It was dated it by the serial number, by a banjo retailer. I believe that it's some type of celluloid. I have the original case, that didn't survive the 9 decades of use, as well as the banjo did. However it is actually still serviceable.


Hmm- seen these on the rack at my local Mom and Pop... always kinda thought they were entry-level, student instruments..

Maybe not.

Next time I'm in the store, I shall definitely take one down and give it a try.


Kevin, they may be entry level actually but they sound pretty good and just as important are pretty fun to play.


I've been curious about that model for awhile. I played one a couple of weeks ago. It played and sounded pretty good for the money ( and maybe even better than that). It was a fun, kitchy guitar. On the one I played, the MOP stick-on veneer on the headstock was peeling around the edges.

I guess if you want a fun, camp fire guitar, this is a good one. You may even be able to gig with it if you wanted to, but it is pretty much in the same vein as the Americana series or a Jim Dandy . . .Maybe a notch higher.

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