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Rebuilt Guitar Day


After a few false starts, I’ve finally got my parts-built Jazzmaster together. Originally a kit guitar the bride bought for me, I made a few mods to it.

First build was a Sky Blue with red tortoiseshell pickguard and cream P-90’s. I was sort of happy with the finish but the paint stuck to the guitar stand one hot day and peeled a fair chunk off. So I decided to strip it back and redo it.

Second build ended up Surf Green with the red tort pickguard, but I changed the P-90 covers to chrome. Again, wasn’t really happy with the finish so I decided for ‘third time lucky’.

Through a mate I found a company called Dingotone that supplies clear and tinted finishes so I ordered a blonde/butterscotch stain. Came up a gem. I also had a lipstick pickup lying around so I decided on that instead of the P-90’s. Also grabbed a chrome Jaguar control plate, some Telecaster knobs and decided to make a new black pickguard. First time making a pickguard so I’m not entirely happy, only due to the fact I put a deep scratch on it while making it. Gotta learn somehow !!

The neck’s a bit chunky compared to other guitars I have, and it sounds a bit glassy, but sounds right at home for the Surf music I’m playing at the moment. Happy boy !!


I love it, anything with lipsticks is fine by me.


Sweet! That looks like a fun project.


Super cool! I love the look and idea of having a single lipstick. How did you choose the location?


hilosean, the body has a large area routed out for the previous P-90’s, so I very temporarily screwed the pickup in different positions to see what sounded best. The pickup is a neck one, I was originally gonna play around with an old P-bass and put the lipstick in that, just because !!!!

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