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pricey 1970s Stratocaster


Well the Clapton blackie went for what $850K, bought by GC and under lockdown, the Layla brownie for $550K (bought by late Microsoft co founder Paul Allen). So here's the Ed King 1973 Strat for 450K, the one heard on Sweet Home Alabama.



It may be the one he wrote and played SHA on but he said it sucked as a guitar. He got a 66 Strat soon after and used that until he settled on a 59 parts Strat.


' It is still in exceptionally fine condition, with just some light finish checking, because Ed used it sparingly after the "Sweet Home Alabama" session' is a nice way of saying he ditched it because it sucked!


I see by looking at the whole collection that his 58 6120 didn't last long... Already sold.

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