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Played a Brad Paisley Tele today


Took a ride over to L&M today to try out a Strymon Flint. My daughter said "daddy look at that sparkly guitar" and it was the BP Tele. I figured I'd give it a try :)

Here's the good and the bad...

The bad: The road worn treatment is ugly, plain and simple. Specifically where it's worn down to the wood, it just doesn't look natural. The one part about that is the checking... that wasn't bad. The silver sparkle looks better in person but still not my cup of tea. I bet a black pick guard would tone it down and make it look better. I also don't care for tarnished hardware. It's super light. Almost too light, it felt like it could have been made out of cardboard!!!.

The good: It sounds fantastic! It has a great tone, really impressed. Tons of twang, nice and full and not ice picky sounding at all. I love the the neck too, it feels great. No signature on the headstock is cool. The cowboy hat is not a deal breaker. I'm a big fan of Fender F tuners so that's a plus. Brass saddles are nice.

So the pick ups and neck are the stand out features. The body is another story.

Now is that body reason enough not to buy one... i don't know yet. I recently got a FSR Tele that is still within the return period and I'm thinking about this. At the end of the day it's sound and play great. Looks come after that.

Another factor is the cost. It's a bit pricy for a MIM Tele.

Anyway i was impressed enough that i wanted to share my impressions here


I like BP ... still I never bought into the relic/roadworn scene. I had those that were made the normal way.

Maybe some upgrades for something like this.

I guess the Kluson vs. F tuner debate will go on for approximately forever


I saw a local show earlier this week where the guitar player had one of those new models. I like the look of everything in real life except for the factory-made relic wear. I felt the same way about the Joe Strummer Telecaster...I don't mind relic but factory-made relics don't look realistic to me.


Shouldn't a Brad Paisley Tele look more like a James Burton one?

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