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Pickup change to Newark St. X-175?


I've been drooling over the dogear SD custom shop staples, and imagining they might sound pretty sweet in my modern Guild. Question is, will they fit? Does anyone have any experience with either the Duncan pickup, or swapping out the Korean "Franz" pickups in the Guild? Not that they're bad, but I'm curious...


The stock Franz repros in the X175 are not mounted like traditional Gibson-type dogears. Gibson style dogears are mounted to the guitar body by the covers. With the Franz dogears, the pickup itself is mounted to the guitar top and then the pu cover is mounted separately to the top. With the Franz pu's, if you remove the plastic dogear covers you will see that the pu itself is still mounted to the top via screws on each side of the pu. This is why Franz pu's are not easy to shim for height. That all being said I would assume that if the footprints are close, the guitar can be easily modded to mount the dogear SD staples. I personally really like the stock Franz pu's. Unlike many import "reissues" (which are just generic Asian pu's made to look like the originals) the MIK Franz pu's are very close to the originals in construction and tone (even more so than stock Gretsch Dyna's). I personally wouldn't change out the stock Franz repros as it is something I really like about the guitar but I'm sure the Duncan Staples would sound great also (similar to Dyna's).


Also a fan of the stock pickups in mine - I haven't had a need to mod


Thanks for the info, Gretschadelphia. The motive behind my post wasn't a dislike of the Korean Franz copies--far from it, I like them--but curiousity about the staples. I have a Les Paul with p-90's (Lollars, actually) and that scratches my P-90 itch for the most part. I was mostly just thinking about a vehicle in which to try the staples, that's all.

I think Walter has swapped the pickups in his Newark X175, but I think he put vintage Franz pickups in their places.

Rich, I'm glad you like your pickups--but that wasn't what I was asking about at all!


The mounting hole spacing on a P-90 dog ear cover is 98mm/3.858". What's the spacing on the Franz cover? If they're pretty close, then I would think you'll have no trouble swapping them. Assuming the modern Guilds are routed similar to how the old ones were, then there should be plenty of room for the staple pickup's innards to hang down. Here's a vintage Guild rout for a Franz pickup.


I've also been thinking of swapping the Franz pickup out, but for 2 Dynasonics in a T-50. Do you think the Dyna will cover the existing neck rout?

Reverb11, I think the dogeared SD Staples (neck) are much lower in height so you would shim it considerably! So maybe Dynas would be better since the have good height, I know they're not Staple pickups but they are kind of in the same realm of huge, clear and crisp.

I have a Lollar Staple neck pickup in my R6 Les Paul and TVJ Dynas in my DSV Jet, when comparing them the Staple has almost 1/3 of a bump in volume, It's the loudest pickup I own (louder than Mosrite!) and more bass presence yet it stays really clear and crisp. It almost reminds me of the sound of active pickups but with more (actual) mojo and musicality. That said, both Staples and Dynas will serve you the same if you are looking to get a big, clear and full bodied sound. Only reasons I would go with Dynas in a Franz equipped Guild guitar is the pickup height and the fact that Guild actually used Dearmond pickups in several of their guitars in the 50s and 60s, so it would be a little more consistent historically, so for the same reasons I'm going to put SD staples in my Epiphone Casino Elitist.


Thanks all.

Afire, I appreciate the photo, and you're right-- I think the staples will fit.

Jazm, I hadn't thought about pickup height at all. It's a good thing that the modern Franz copies are pretty much the ideal height stock, because they are certainly not very "adjustable." My Les Paul (now that you mention it) has a Lolllar in the bridge and a Fralin in the neck (both P90's). Does the SD staple 90 in the neck of your Les Paul completely overwhelm the bridge? What do you have in the bridge?

What got me on this pickup swap kick was the fact that I am really digging the Dyna/T-Armond combo in my 6120DE and thought that I'd like to hear more of that big, snappy bass in some of my other guitars as well--and that led me to the Duncan staples. Interestingly, SD also makes a P90-sized Dyna that looks awesome. SD will custom wind the pickups to your personal tastes as well, so an underwound staple or Dyna is a possibility. I could keep one Franz and install one Staple and have the best of both worlds...

I will continue to mull it over. First world problems, eh?


Yep, I have old Franz pickups in my Korean X175. I had them in my parts drawer and they weren't doing anything, and they're more like what I'm used to on my old guitars. The new pickups are pretty cool, but a little louder. I've previously had a pair of the new pickups rewound to vintage specs, and that got them awfully close to my old ones too.

Dogear Franz pickup covers have exactly the same pole piece ànd mounting hole spacing as Gibson dogear covers. Inspired by Gibson? Naaah!

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