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Picking out a pine body - do I care…


... about the grain configuration? Are nice evenly spaced stripes better than more irregular distributions? Impact on tone or weight?


That's a good question, I always pick out a body that is attractive to me, I don't believe that the grain pattern of available bodies will have a noticeable impact on the sound qualities of the guitar. A tight grain will weigh more/volume than wide grain, but in samples the size of a guitar body, the difference is usually no more than a couple to a few ounces.


Can't help on the grain, but I often think of a pine tele I played at Charlie Chandler's in Hampton Wick. A sound I haven't heard again.


I don't know how the wood grain would affect it sonically, but from a carpentry point of view, a vertical grain pine plank would be more dimensionally stable.


Edit: in softwood like pine quarter sawn is called "vertical grain", flat sawn is called "plain sawn".


In any case, my experience has been that pine likes fairly hot, midrang-ey pickups. P90's are ideal, typical vintage spec Fender type pickups can turn out pretty wimpy and thin with a pine body. IMO, YMMV,...


Tight even grain, quartersawn. Avoid dead sap wood.


What to really look for are larger, well placed knots, so that the hardware or your G brand won't block them.

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