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pickguard color choice


Well the Melody Maker Frenzy is going to even maybe surpass the Rick 650 Frenzy of a few years ago. Not that they are cheaper, really. But they far from rare -- we know that.

So the first clean one gets just reversible mods to go back to stock.

Hacked one arriving this week....yes it will be done in red, like all the others, but only one of that earlier group is staying long term.

So the question for anyone who cares to comment -- should I stay w/ black guards that originals had (up until the 1966 change to SG body) or go with white??

Here you can see what black guard and red finish is like and next pix shows that same red with white guards in that whole scene from this summer. Consulted already w/ local mystic Bob Howard who states white rocks for this choice.

Going to place an order soon -- let me know what you think.. External opinion is good


Same red w/ white guards-- but your knew that;.

BTW status update on this group, L to R.

1957 Musicmaster neck on Warmoth body w/ coolbuckers will be posted for sale as soon as one good MM is done and survives the road/test evaluation, etc.

Phantom 9 is on consignment @ Atomic.

3/3 is stuck on the pickups question and just a back burner thing for now

Original neck is back on the Voccoli 9 string all how it was before I had this Warmoth neck on for a minute. Upgraded pickup and wiring since this pix was done.


Now that I see the black-red combo, I’m wavering. It’s bad-ass...and I’m a known blackguard fan.


The black looks great. However, red and white looks good and appears to be your signature and I therefore vote for white.


I vote for the black, in my eye the white is just too glaring! Unless the white is made smaller?


Mirror plexi. Black pearloid. Clear plexi back-painted same red as body.

Or black.

Not white. Maybe cream.


Went with THIS.


And in these PC times, THIS either gets the white PG or it stays home.


And in these PC times, THIS either gets the white PG or it stays home.

– DaveH

That would look great with tortoise!


And in these PC times, THIS either gets the white PG or it stays home.

– DaveH

OOooooo, Clear over that flag!


While playing with this one, I made a double pane window on the back. Now I can slide whatever picture I want without taking anything off. That is a Tarot card.


Well almost a tie here. Mr. Howard's first vote for white is the one being counted. Dang guards are cheap, why not have one for any mood.


You didn’t say “no backsies”.


That would look great with tortoise!

– wabash slim



Or maybe this....


White....... my 2 cents


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You didn’t say “no backsies”.

– Bob Howard

His later mail-in vote wasn't counted


Cream. It would go with the tremolo.

DaveH, that gold looks great on that Strat!


It will be black, after all the frenzy


Basic black, always fashionable.


Heaven forbid that I should be thought of as fashionable, but basic black over here, although I do rather fancy some chrome lipstick pickups and Telecaster knobs.


i would do a subtle changeup that i think would work well: B/W/B sandwich a la a ES-335 or Les Paul. it would look a tad classier, and less like the worser early models of the Höfner Colorama. for some reason i always associate single-layer guards with European guitars of the 60s, probably because that's what so many of them had. the drawback would be that it's more difficult to work with.

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