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Ovation Hurricane 12 String


My 1968 Ovation Hurricane 12-string. I got this as a companion to my '68 Ovation Thunderhead 6-string. I love the Ovation Electric Storm series guitars. They are so late '60s/early '70s. The bound f-holes and fancy pickguard give the series an almost period Mediterranean look. These are high quality axes. While the necks were made at Ovation's Connecticut factory, the bodies were made in West Germany by Höfner. The hardware was from Schaller and pickups were DeArmonds. Just like Ovation's famous roundback acoustics, the Electric Storms play like a dream and sound fabulous!


That is sweet... wouldn't mind one of those myself.


The Hurricane was offered from 1968 to 1969. It was estimated that Ovation only made between 200 to 300 Hurricanes. They came in red and sunburst, but there is at least one in the same nutmeg finish as the Thunderhead/Tornado.


Making it just a little harder to come by than the other Ovation 12 on my bucket list, the "Bluebird". Oh well, it's nice to dream.

(Wonder what it took to get the Ovation neck on to that body.... Hmmm)


Is it for sale?

Asking for a friend.


No, sorry. I'd been looking for one of these for a few years and I'm holding onto this one. They just don't pop up that often. Next on my list is a '60s Ovation Typhoon bass. Fortunately, they're more plentiful than the Hurricanes, so my wait won't be as long.


I am a proud owner of an early 1968 Hurricane in the color they we're never offered..Nutmeg. I haven't checked lately to see what they're selling for. Last time I looked there were none for sale ..

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