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Oscar Schmidt ac/el 12 string.


I wanted to buy a cheap acoustic/electric 12 string so I looked on ebay and found a few that looked good. After reading reviews I decided on an Oscar Schmidt with spalted maple top. Price was $200 new. I tried to tune it and broke a string because of bad tuners so I bought 12 Grover's. Put them on and replaced the strings with Elixir 10's. I did a close inspection and there is not a flaw on it. All the binding and joints are smooth. Frets are nice with smooth edges. It plays like an electric 12 string, great action. Accoustically it sounds powerful and loud. I can't imagine the quality of this for the price. Reviews are almost all 5 stars.




Oooo,that's nice. Congrats!


Good for you. But keep in mind that others might not be able or willing to replace tuners on a brandnew guitar. For those new into playing such issues can have major effects on motivation and endurance.

Anyway... Congratulations and play it in excellent health!

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