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Orville by Gibson ES 335


Not really a Gibson guy but this 90s 335 came my way and it's really, really nice. I've heard the OBG's are tge custom shop version of the Orvilles but I have no idea if that's true? Any thoughts out there?


Orvilles, at least the early 90s ones were very good. I would love to have an Orville Thunderbird bass....


Also were These Terada built?

– gretschcrush

I think Gibson ES guitars have been built in Memphis for years.


It's a really good guitar. No wonder Gibson pulled the plug on these. The build quality is as good as anything from Memphis! Amazed


AFAIK the Orville by Gibsons had Gibson USA hardware and pickups while the standard line featured MIJ stuff (which is no bad thing at all).


Great find. MIJ Orvilles by Gibson are really excellent guitars. From what I have read, Terada made most of the semi-hollows and Fuji Gen most of the solidbodies. Check out the website www.guitarsjapan.com/orvill... for all kinds of serial number info for Orvilles. You will be able to tell from the serial number where the guitar was made and also whether it has Gibson USA pu's or the MIJ copies (which are very close to the USA pu's). Big love for higher end MIJ guitars.


I have an Orville SG that I like just fine...pics later if I remember.

...that's a big "if"! My memory is sketchy!


@Gretschadelphia - thanks for your link. It's a G serial number so it's got Gibson USA pickups and is a Terada build.


Had to put a vibramate and Bigsby on though! Can't have a guitar without a Bigsby.


You definitely got the primo version with the real Gibson USA pu's. I'd go B7 strictly for traditional and cosmetic reasons but the B5 will work just fine. You dun good.


I think a vibrola would be nice


I had an Orville LP special which I was so stupid to sell. An excellent instrument. If I'm remembering correctly, the Orville were poly finished, cheaper with different p/us, than the OBG versions. Which were nitro finished, pricier. Otherwise the same. I think Fujigen made most of the solidbodies, Terada the others. MD


From what I've read the Orvilles are awesome too!


ObG and Orville both have excellent build quality and were licensed by Gibson to produce guitars for the Japanese market. You got a Gibson for a fraction of the cost of "the real thing". I have an ObG Les Paul Standard and an Orville Les Paul Junior. Both are great guitars. Congratulations.


This, is a really lovely guitar. I played a 87 Gibson ES 335 today and it felt lesser than this ObG. Top notch build


Nice guitar but man, that Bigsby just looks wrong.


It reminds me of Ritchie Blackmore's.

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