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operation: 6120 big boy


I am nuts, but hey Im having fun, I will attempt to build a 6120 but only wider 3.25 inches total width and with binding and all, even the neck will resemble a 6120,


another pic, it is not that heavy at all maybe 7lbs pine wood, I might take it to a pro to do the clear after I stain it


Groovy. I love the f holes. Keep us posted.


That's sweet mate. +1 for the nice F holes too! So have you just routed the sides out of a solid block as opposed to bending laminate? Looking forwrads to seeing more!


I took the easy way, lf I did it the way gretsch and other hollowbodys are made it would need alot more tools and stuff that I dont have


I always enjoy your builds, mvpgretsch! Keep 'em coming!!! :D


got home early from work and worked on the neck


the binding is tough this is only my second time trying it, I have to say very tedious, alot of masking tape and very messy all over my fingers with the glue, but the outcome is worth all the work


Wow, very nice craftsmanship. Looks like you had your work cut out for you on the design and build...I'm impressed....


That is really beautiful. I wsh I had woodworking skills like that. I'm good with motorcycles and some old cars, but woodworking I just could never get the hang of and my grandfather was a superb cabinet maker.


8-o Wow, that is pretty darn cool.


now i will clear coat I intend to do 2 coats a day for 7 days sanding between coates, logo is my name and a bear


I like it, reminds me of German guitars from the 50-60s.


That's more like it!


Sanded with 1000 grit and another coate of clear, and got the wiring and PU's ready to go


look at you go...you're unstoppable! that is cooler than the inside of an Eskimo's fridge.


Excellent work! I love seeing the results of a master craftsman.


Cool, MVP. This one I like.

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