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Old Hofners


I really like old Hofners. Too bad I jumped on the bandwagon late because I bet 20 years ago they can be had for a song, so to speak. No pun intended.


Love the playing, love the tone. An old obsession is re-stoked.


And of course Bert Weedon played one -


I keep lusting over the Galaxy, reminds me of being a kid and sending off for guitar catalogues. The Galaxy looked so futuristic, the kind of guitar Flash Gordon would play. Bit pricey these days


I am such a sucker for the old Club 40, natural with dark binding.


Nice clip of the Club 40.

Of course, the 500/1 bass is the most well-known, and examples of the era attract a premium.

But, there's some nice stuff elsewhere in the range. The Club shown is a pre-truss-rod model, and so will have a narrow baseball bat of a neck. Probably a pressed ply top by then - they couldn't make 'em fast enough by then, so the days of carved tops came to an end on the general-spec models. Hofner did offer a reissue based on the Lennon-spec one - blonde, black binding. Tasty stuff, but pricey.

Electrics and pickups were generally 'idiosyncratic'.

My faves are really the 16" and 17" - the British-market range had the Congress, Senator, President, Committee, Deluxe and Golden, and the German market had a variety of other 16" archtops with different appointments and finishes which are just as interesting in their own way. Earlier ones have carved tops.

Some nice woods to look out for too - I find it rather comical when folks on here get excited about a mild flame, when every Committee from 1953 to 1970 had a splendid birds-eye maple back and sides. The Deluxe and Golden had an eleven-piece laminated neck, and superb binding and purfling, the top-of-the-standard-range Committee a toned-down version, and a five-piece neck.

Celluloid seldom seems to exhibit the issues seen on Gretsches of the same age.

No wood-screws in the neck-joints here, either - no cardboard or saw-dust and glue in the pocket either.



Ah yes, Hofners. Very specific guitars but fun nonetheless.
Here is my 1952 Hofner Model 459.


And wavy headstock.


And my project ±1960 Club 40. It came without original pick up and controls. Added an old P13 and normal Vol and Tone.


Really nice, Daniel! Never knew you had those. Way cool!

I'd love to try 'm out, some time or another. Especially the one with the P13.


Here’s my 57 Club 50. I’ve finally accumulated almost all of the bits and pieces to put it back stock!

Hofner Club 50 1957 photo bbb9re2.jpg


Here's one I can't afford.

So much for being cheap guitars.


Really nice, Daniel! Never knew you had those. Way cool!

I'd love to try 'm out, some time or another. Especially the one with the P13.

– will

Hey Will, you didn't know? Well, drop by anytime!


I own 8 Hofner guitars and they still are ridiculously cheap compared to comparable Gibson and Gretsch guitars. And there are other German brands such as Hopf, Hoyer, Huettl, Rodebald Hoyer, Pergold, Isana, and a half dozen others that are equal or superior to American guitars in quality and workmanship but much, much cheaper. Most guitar collectors who collect Lang guitars, for example, swear they are the equal of D'Angelico guitars but at a fraction of the price.


Bob Howard: I have 4000 pictures on my computer, about 200 of which are guitars and I can't at the moment find my pictures. One is a Hofner 4700 flamed maple, one is a Hofner 470 in birdseye maple (both of them with carved tops) and 6 of them are 490 and 490E slope shouldered dreadnaughts of ribboned mahogany. I also have a Klira 12 string dreadnaught in rosewood and a Klira 12 string dreadnaught in mahogany. I also have a Hopf Silver Star made by Gustav Glassl with a carved top. All of them are sweet


No worries. Just a curious bystander.


Plenty of pics here - especially in the UK and European archtop section:


There are some lucky folks here as well - I think my motley collection is listed somewhere, but the Congress shown was bumped on and replaced by a 464 in 'would suit enthusiast' condition.




I love old Hofners. I once had a cherry sunburst '61 Club 60 that I really enjoyed, shouldn't have sold it. Just like this:

More recently, I had a blonde '61 President, also a great guitar.


Dan, I've said it before but will do so again - that 459 is ridiculously elegant. You're a man of taste.


Hofner makes beautiful archtops, I had one recently but didn't want to convert it into an electric and as it wasn't great shakes as an acoustic I sold it at a good deal to a fellow who flipped it for more money!! yeesh! I still have my Fasan which is 50s vintage solid wood German and sounds great. They all shared characteristics. Mine has the wavy headstock too.

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