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OK, Mosrite & Mosritalike Questions from a Newly Converted Shopper


And I missed this one, trying to negotiate a better price. Probably short-sighted of me. But the seller couldn't answer if it was actually red or orange (the pics go both ways), or give me weight "because it was already boxed up". Still, pretty good price.



I’d say, after looking at all of the pix, it is red. But then, I’m seeing red lately.


Could be red. I can't deny it.


Ah ha. And doesn't MozRite's writing style remind you awfully of someone who posts here, and has a Fillmore? Maybe he'll pop in here and tell us the story too.

Anyway, I'm glad now I didn't get the Junior. It seemed in awfully nice condition by comparison to similar "Excellents" from the same (and similar) Japanese sellers, which are usually north of 1k. I probably instinctively felt there was something too good to be true about it.

I keep watching, hoping to be quick for the lucky deal. But so do a thousand other wannaMosrites.

The searchwait goes on.


Hey Tim, you got it, I am MozRite over there.

The story goes that although I have the Fillmore and like it, I saw the other on eBay and thought I would get it and keep which ever I prefer and sell the other. The neck is full sized and the body looked a little odd but I thought it was just the angle of the photos and thought it was normal even though turns out it's a Junior but the seller never stated that. Then after I bought it I sent him a message asking the maker because after I purchased it (a day later) i noticed the rectangular neck plate. Never seen that before. Most have a peanut shaped neck plate or some a rectangular with a tear drop like bottom. Seller didn't reply right away. At the Mosrite Forum someone replied it is a Junior model. So after I got that info the seller wrote back saying it is boxed up but if I like he would unbox it and look for the manufacture name. Although he marked shipped it had not been shipped. So i replied saying no need to open and find the maker of it because I'm requesting a refund, please do not ship. Refunds are available from him and to me it's a valid request as he didn't state in the auction it's a Junior. I prefer a full sized Mosrite and since I have a full sized I don't want a junior. If I had no Mosrites maybe I'd take the Junior but no reason to since I have a full sized and prefer regular sized over Juniors. As of Saturday he still has not replied saying he would issue a refund. I want him to before he really ships it. If I receive it it will be a hassle to send back to Japan and what if he won't pay for shipping back to Japan or refund my whole amount? He asked if I wanted to have him open the box and look for maker which means he should have expected a reply from me and should have read it and saw I want a refund. I think he just isn't checking his messages. I tried to contact him both in eBay and Reverb, no replies. He has really positive eBay Feedback but only four negative.

One says this - "Failure to respond with accuracy & falsely claimed item was shipped. Avoid them"

I explained to eBay the situation and they are trying to get ahold of the seller. They said I am entitled to a full refund.


This would be the same type just different color -


Update -

Apparently it was really shipped. The person who said it was in the box and wanted to know if I wanted it opened was not the actual boss but a staff member and the staff member didn't know it was really shipped. It is out for delivery today. eBay told me today to refuse delivery and it will be shipped back to seller.


Proteus, I've tried following this thread but it's gotten longer than many of the novels I've read lately. Just perusing the issue, it seems like a very significant design component of Mosrite has escaped anyone's mention. That is the fact that the original Mosrite had extremely narrow, slim neck profiles. I know of a lot of potential buyers, in the 60's, who found it to be just too narrow to be comfortable. The necks were "fast", particularly with the original speed frets, but I thought that I should mention this one feature that may have kept Mosrites out of many folk's collections. Pesonally, I enjoyed the feel and could not understand what the problem was, but I have smaller hands, and longer fingers, and seem to be able to adjust to most necks. I just thought maybe I could steer the thread, and your knowledge, in this direction.


Update. The seller contacted me and said if I keep it he will give me back $100 to my PayPal account. The guitar actually was sent to my friends house and I told him to refuse it. That was the advice of eBay and that was yesterday. I had it sent to my friend’s house because I’m not always home to receive things. I decided to take up the seller’s offer for the hundred dollars back even though I don’t need this guitar. I just felt bad because although mostly his fault for not stating it’s a junior, I did have my suspicions so I should’ve contacted him first to verify it was full size. Just I know what a mini looks like and I knew it was not that but I didn’t realize they made Junior’s which are in between. So because he said that he would give me $100 back I figure if I sell it eventually I won’t lose much if any. I don’t need another Mosrite because I have enough and I’ll be receiving another one later because it’s a special one I think you guys might like it. But honestly all I need is three. Actually I have my Avenger model that I’m selling. So I’ll have four. Junior was just an extra added to that three. This Junior is a lot nicer than the pictures show. I know that’s the case with most guitars but I will say this is light years ahead than in the pictures. The vibrato spring is missing. He didn’t state that in the auction so I asked him for it, let’s see his reply and if he doesn’t have it I won’t make a big deal about it I’ll just buy one off the Internet for $20 because he already gave me $100 back and was partially my fault for not contacting him about this size thing before I bought it. And he seems like a nice seller because he didn’t get all mad in his text to me and he seems very responsible. He is just not the best knowledge seller about guitars even though he specializes in that.


This guitar looks much better in person than in any pictures. Here’s a picture of the vibrato. Missing spring.


What's the actual difference in body dimensions relative to the full size?

And how does it sound and play?


What's the actual difference in body dimensions relative to the full size?

And how does it sound and play?

– Proteus

Not at home yet but later today I’ll do measurements and play it. I can grab it spring off my Avenger Mosrite and install it on this and try it out. I’ll post later.


Thanks. I'd be interested in pics of the Avenger too.


First some pics then more info afterwards.

Left Mosrite Avenger by Firstman, circa 1969. Right Fillmore circa 2007.


Avenger headstock. I added the Ventures logo on the headstock. Was without it stock.


Left is the Junior next to the Fillmore. The Ventures logo on the Fillmore pickguard I added. I’ll leave the headstock as is without it.


Junior headstock. Ventures logo came that way.


Working on the Avenger. I had installed Ed Elliot pickups in it but I’m going to sell the guitar so out goes Elliot’s and in comes the stock pickups.

I love the Avenger but at some point I don’t want too many of the same type of guitar even with small differences between them. Was planning on only having two Mosrites. My 1966 Mark V and the Avenger but when I came across the Fillmore I decided to sell the Avenger. But now I have the Junior I’ll keep it. I think it’s cool but maybe I’ll sell it after keeping it two years. I already paid for it and the seller said he’s giving me $100 back so I’ll keep it for a couple years at least. I also am picking up another Mosrite but that will be a NGD discussion. It was a pleasant surprise to find that one. Later today I’m picking it up.


Tim asks how the Junior compares in sound to the others. I took the spring off the Avenger and tried to install it on the Junior. Couldn’t no matter what I did. So I installed it back on the Avenger. I hope the seller finds it and sends it to me. I see on eBay I can get one off eBay. If seller of the junior doesn’t have it I’ll buy an eBay one. I’ll bring it to a tech and have it installed. That means that for now no playing it because no string tension. When I get a spring in it I’ll post how all the sound differences are.


Dimensions were measured the best I could on the Junior and the Fillmore. The Juniors are made by Kurukumo by the way and they make the Excellent line.

Hope my terms are correct.


Upper bout to end of guitar 18 inches.

Lower bout to end of guitar 18. One might think it’s longer since the horn sticks out more but the bottom of the guitar gradually goes inward so the difference is none. Looks even at the bottom but it’s not.

Between bouts about 11 inches.

Width of body right at bottom of tailpiece 14 inches.

Zero fret to 22 fret 17.75 inches.


Upper bout to end 15.5 inches.

Lower bout to end 15.5 inches.

Between bouts 10 inches.

Width of body right at the point of the end of tailpiece 12 inches.

Zero fret to 22 fret 16 inches


I can suggest purchasing an Avenger but I’m not trying to sell to you. Only thing is Avenger necks are not as slim and narrow as Fillmore which are based on vintage Mosrites. That can be a good thing but if you want the true Mosrite feel then Avengers aren’t it. Then again mine is the only Avenger I played so later ones may be more true to vintage. See, mine is different. Notice the dots are bigger than traditional Mosrite dot markers. I think mine is a transitional model and they used left over Zen-On Morales fretboards. Same exact fretboard as the Morales I once owned. Also the nut is plastic not metal so mine is different. I’ve only seen a few on the net like that.

So Avengers can be had for $800 to $900 as the average price range. Most on eBay are sold out of Japan with a few sold out of the Russian Federation. Consider shipping is about $75 to $100 more than from within the US. Some Avengers are sold state side. Mine was from Northern California off eBay. Mine probably is worth about $650 because it’s not like the other Avengers that are more true to vintage US models with the right appointments.


One last thing. The Fillmore has vintage 60s Mosrite pickups. Our very own Geoff at the GDP was the former owner of my Fillmore and he got ahold of some vintage 60s Mosrite pickups and installed them and left them when he sold it. Turns out he traded it in to Guitar Center in San Jose (CA) and paid some more cash for a vintage Gretsch Double Annie. So I buy that guitar and later suspect it was his from a YouTube video he has up of him playing it. I get in touch with him and he verifies this and gives me some info on the guitar. The stock Avenger pickups don't sound like the vintage Mosrite pickups bt they sound good. They don't have as much individual string differentiation. I'd recommend an Avenger.

Here is one off eBay from Japan for $630 including shipping. Great buy even though nut is plastic and not metal and trem arm looks non-original. Metal nut can be purchased from Hallmark for $30 about and installed if desired. Just noticed the pickup selector tip is plastic and not metal but when you buy the metal nut from Hallmark I think you get the metal tip with it.


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