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Well after being a Tedious Telecaster Slave for over 20 years, by the end of last century, I was done with them. Turned in my membership card to The Telecaster Cult 'member since 1974', etc. and found Gretsch.

The only reason I have circled back a little is Righteous Short Scale and maple board. Plus insanely cheap and so mod away

Who knows how you see this Creation from China next.

Someone here turned me on to Revelation Guitars, outta the UK. Not single dealer in the US.


Someone here turned me on to Revelation Guitars

Yeah. Looks like they had one who's no longer active with Revelation. And there's one in Canada.

I'm emailing with one of the Revealers, who shares that for one reason and another they had a hard time getting inventory over the last year. It could be their American dealer/distributor gave them up in frustration.

Where did you order yours from? The shipping costs Revelation has been quoting me from the UK are pretty ruinous - half the cost of the guitar.

Also, while they have some their tres cool Jazzmaster-type 12-strings coming in, they no longer have whamelo bars. Which is disappointing.

But Revelation is definitely on my cheap-but-good radar. I'll be interested in your impressions of the Jr Tele as you work it in.


Well like ya all saw with that worked over Jay Turser doubleneck (I have $1000 in it now) but it it's great!! necks switched, goodbuckers, killer action and switching, upgraded hardware .. so making decent players outta dubious Chinese stuff might be my next thing.

This was on ebay UK and the guy said he would change it an ship to US via the Organized Crime Ring known as ebay global shipping... I was dubious given previous experience, but the cost was less than expected and it actually got here fast.

For starters a bucker Tele bridge goes in and will have moved controls. Will report more later on.

Revelation electric 12s seem to have decently wide necks but I think I am set in that regard.

Also got an Eastwood Mandocaster 12 on the way... why? Because of the 1 7/8" wide neck.


A Tele Thinline with three knobs and two switches?

It is a pretty one! Enjoy it!


Nice guitar, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the tip on Revelation Guitars, I'll check them out.

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