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new small guitar day ... Strat Jr., kool 22.5 scale, decent mexi build. I wanted red but black for now will do. sticking a maple 90s Duo Sonic neck on here, since at least to me Fender rosewood necks are FIREWOOD


Okay, I'm going to say it. I don't understand the fascination with a kid's sized guitar. Just saying.


Well I don't have big hands, long fingers or wide finger spread. When I was younger I didn't notice or it didn't bother me. But it has for a long time now. I stopped 25.5 scale early this century. Went off 24.75 around 6 months ago. 24" is just about right for me. . 22.5 is small but still I get around well.

I just came to prefer short scale, compact guitars (tweaked up of course). It was a progressive evolution. The perfect scale for me is 23.5 (sharp cut) Byrdland scale but I'm just not shopping in that ballpark anymore. The recent Midtown Kalamazoo has that scale but is pretty heavy and the upper fret access not that good.


Okay, I'm going to say it. I don't understand the fascination with a kid's sized guitar. Just saying.

– razzer10_4

I don't either unless it's for a kid or an adult with small arms such as I think DC mentioned he has.

With that said, congrats on your new Strat. It looks very cool. I like it. I say if the glove fits wear it, uh, I mean if the guitar neck fits your hands play it.

I bought a Mosrite Mark 1 Jr by accident on eBay, you may have read my discussion on it. A well built decent guitar, but for me so unnecessary seeing I have two full sized Mark 1 models and also have a "student" sized guitar by Mosrite, a Mark V. The Mark V I get because it's vintage and it has a very unique sound to it but having two Mark 1 models I really didn't need a Mark 1 Jr model. It's nice but not necessary. I can see a small adult or a young person wanting it. So I'll keep it because it's cool but eventually it goes up for sale.


I swore I would never go back to Fender but they have the short scale scene covered better than most. That Mosrite looked kool but they're 24.5 scale.

24" the new long scale 22.5 the new short scale.

More demented projects to follow


DC, correct standard Mosrites are 24.5 scale, true but my Jr version is much less than that. I think it's 22.5. I can play it but I have all the other Mosrites that I play so I don't play it much. It's not too hard to play but my hands are big so the regular Mosrites are what I stick too but I can play the Jr.

I love Fender guitars.. I think you did well by buying a short scale Fender Strat. I love the Duo-Sonic they had out about 10 years ago. I felt like I should play "La Bamba" on it just by picking it up. I.E, it just looked like someone took it from the '50s and transported it into the future.

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