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New Old Guitar and New Old Stock Guitar Day. Pics coming soon.


NOS 2004 Gibson Chet Atkins CEC electric classical. Never owned before.


That Gibson's just been hanging around a shop for 16 years?

I just sold my '68 Guild D-35. Great guitar, but I'm downsizing. You'll enjoy it. They're seriously great guitars.


They ordered it for a guy in 2004 and when it came in, he couldn't come up with the money. They kept it in the back room and only showed it to a few people over the years. The salesman said that I was one of very few people he ever even considered showing it to. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he opened up the case. He heard me playing some Chet stuff and thought I might be interested in it. You never know what you're going to see when you walk into that place.

The Guild was the first guitar I played when I got there. If the salesman hadn't told me to play it, I would have walked right passed it. I played every Martin in the house and kept going back to the Guild. To my ears, it wasn't even close. Tons of bass, good midrange and loud as hell. It's going to be a great little bluegrass guitar. By the way, I just went to "look" at few guitars and left with two. It was a crazy day.


Congratulations!! I love my guilds and a D-35 is on my bucket list.

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