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NKGD! (New Kay Guitar Day)


nice...glad it arrived safe and sound and is already being put through the paces

super cool guitar




Happy Happy!

I watched a documentary today...timely.

Eric Clapton's first real Nightclub/Pub gig guitar (Spanish Body Style to be determined...) was a Kay with the Black Acrylic Keystone headstock...just before the "Barney" series (?), but after the Thin Twins, Speed Bumps, and had "Kleenex" boxes.

He was 15.

Those "Kleenex" pups have extraordinarily good fidelity....

I know you know what I know.


The Kay arrived in Blaine, WA yesterday so a quick hop over the border to pick it up was all it took to bring it to its new Canadian home. (No CITES issues at all). I was so enamoured with this guitar that I brought it to our show last night just a few hours after I got it. I don't normally take a chance on trying to bond with a new guitar during a live show but I played the Kay for a few numbers and although I got a few worried glances from Stuart and Caroline, the rhythm section, as the Kay, tonally, sounds completely different to my trusty Gretsch Streamliner, it played like a dream. One audience member commented on how much he liked it and said "It has a really good rumble!". I liked that comment

This is a BIG guitar!

It won't take the place of my Gretsch for live shows or for recording but it'll be fun to break it out from time to time and let it growl.

– Wheelgrinder

Cool! i love a big guitar! By the way what venue is that?

And if you have nothing else going on Greg come on out to the Heritage Grill Saturday night.


"The Gibson would have cost over a hundred pounds then I think, well beyond our reach, while the Kay cost only ten pounds, but still seemed quite exotic. It captured my heart. The only thing that wasn't quite right with it was the color. Though advertised as Sunburst, which would have been a golden orange going to dark red at the edges, it was more yellowy, going to a sort of pink, so as soon as I got it home, I covered it with black Fablon."

Eric Clapton


An update to the Upbeat and to this thread. I just got my ‘58 Upbeat back from my guitar tech who replaced the wiring harness and rewound the bridge pickup. With the addition of the 50s Bigsby B7, Melita bridge and a neck reset by my luthier the Upbeat is ready to rock...and man, do those Kleenex Box pups growl!!


...and I don’t think I’ll ever quit smiling about the kelvinator headstock. Simply beautiful!


Good for You!

I have had this one out a lot lately...


Lots of PNW folks on this thread- I thought I should mention that there’s a relatively new shop in Portland called Strum that seems to have a soft spot for old Kays and honky tonk. In case y’all are ever down this way.


Wow! That is beautiful.


Wow! That is beautiful.

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