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Ibanez AF75-TBS, always wanted a blue one with the thicker bod. few small play marks but cleaned up nice. This is it I think for my Artcore list. ;-)


I've tried to get a few of those on CL over the years. Cool looking guitar for sure. Would be a great modder for me.

Congrats on the new axe!


Nice guitars indeed. I had the small bodied one. I forget the model number that I put a B6 on (should have gone B3) TV Jones pickups and a custom pickguard I drew up.

That's another one I regret getting rid of. I should have put some single coils in it and kept it.


the first ever hollowbody i painted was an ibanez. they are good quality guitars but dont have the same cool factor that a gretsch does.

i went old school with this one and did a lace paintjob. i also put gretschbuckers in it. if it had some filtertrons or something like that this guitar would be really awesome. congrats on your new ibby:D

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