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I’d been interested in the Fender Vintera series since I first saw them, and saw the line included a Tele with a Bigsby. Well now, that makes it a real guitar, so now I'm really interested. So I’d hoped to try one out. But everybody’s got them on order, nobody had them in stock. Then I noticed TrueTone had one listed on eBay and claimed to have it. Friday I had an appt. near there so I stopped by afterward and tried it out. It was everything I wanted in a Tele. I'd forgotten how much fun a 7.5" radius is to play, and through a good amp, the stock pickups sound pretty durn good, but may be subject to upgrade later. I didn’t really need it, but that's never stopped me before. I had a couple guitars I wanted to unload, and UPS for common folk has become so expensive (I've seen what my employer pays to ship similar stuff and it ain't much) that eBay and Reverb have lost much of their appeal, so I went back with those and a big bag of candy on Saturday and we worked a deal. A Reverend Soft Touch Spring, and it’s good to go. Looking forward to my next Country gig.

This is a stock pic from Sweetwater, haven't had time to take my own pics yet, but this is what it looks like.


That looks like the perfect Telecaster for you. Congratulations!



Many disagree with me, but the 7.5" radius is great.

Feels just right in my hands, and that's all that matters.

Enjoy the heck out of it.

The more that I read the specs on this series, the more I like. Nice job by Fender.


Congrats Frank!

Been eyeing the Vintera stuff myself,but i gotta use some restraint ,i've already blew through 1200 quid on a guitar,car insurance and a new TV since the end of June!


Sweet Good Luck with it.


Been eyeing the Vintera stuff myself,but i gotta use some restraint ,i've already blew through 1200 quid on a guitar,car insurance and a new TV since the end of June!

Yeah, I know what you mean. I jumped on this one without thinking too much about the other guitar that's en route. Gonna have to start mending my Protean ways.


I think you have more NGDs than I do, Cap'n Frank. But I also think you have more ship-em-out days too. I tend to keep them around. I'm a ColLECtor. I am NOT a hoarder. No I'm not.

Yon Vintera though - sunburst or white, huh. They really went all out in color selection, dint they. Man. Sunburst or white. Geez.

But, zooming in on the white'un on the website, it looks like it's a barely trans white, with some grain showing through. While I know Fender's margins are just too razor-thin to buy enough paint to cover the thing, fergawdsake, the transitude just saves the white, and tips me in that direction. After you get it and find you just don't like it that much, we can trade my GORGEOUS specTACular mater-soup-with-milk RED Rev Trickshot for it. Which really is a fine guitar, it just doesn't have a place to put a soft spring.


Wait. And WHY is the incompletely painted white Vinteracaster 100.00 MORE than the two-color sunburst, into which more painting effort must surely go?

Fender trying to raise funds to buy enough paint to do opaque white?


That's a fine looking instrument Mr Giffen. Enjoy!


Congrats! I tried one at my local shop, and thought it was real nice.

I have a B5 on a tele, and I couldn’t get along with that jazzmaster/jag bridge. I dropped a mustang bridge in and VIOLA! Added some sustain, better tuning stability, and the strings stay in the alignment.


I haven't decided what to think of the bridge yet. It hasn't caused me any grief yet, but then I've only had it a day. Wonder if something Serpentunian would remedy that if I come to not like it as is....

As for the $100 price differential, I dunno. Maybe they had to select prettier woods for the translucence, it's a mystery to me, I just didn't want a sunburst one.


I think a mustang bridge is as close to a rocking bar bridge as you can get to fit on a B5 tele. It’s basically a rocking bar bridge that you can intonate.

For a 7.25 radius they’re extremely affordable. Mine is a 9.5 so it was a little harder to track down.


After spending a little time with it, I so far feel these pickups need no replacement. They can sing and bite any way I want them to, they seem to know the sound I'm trying to get out of them and they just do it. A pretty addicting guitar. We'll come back to it tomorrow and see if it continues.


I just happened to see one at my favourite local guitars store here in Australia yesterday. In white too. I picked it up to check the weight and it was good - not as heavy as a Japanese one I had a long time ago. The japanese one I had was a real butterscotch colour, had a beautiful soft-V boatneck and played really well, but was really heavy. Still, it sounded good.

I am using the 7 1/4" radius as a reason not to get one though. I need a reason and that's as good as any.

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