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Can't really compare with tonyb's L-5, but this landed on my porch last week:

It's Reverend's new Airsonic HC. And made its gig debut last Saturday:

A stellar, lightweight guitar with a 25.5" scale that feels like it's shorter than that, an uber-responsive Wilkinson vibrato, and two humbucker-sized hum-cutting P-90 pickups that really punch through. Yes, those catseye f-holes go all the way through the solidbody wings. Somehow this guitar sounds like a semihollow. And I find the red metallic burst pretty dreamy. It's playing another show tonight, indoors this time, we'll see how it goes. Still in the honeymoon stage, but really like it so far.


Congratulations Frank! You always surprise me with your cool toys.


Have you made your pitch to be a Reverend Artist yet ?


Congrats Frank!

Interesting looking guitar,lovely colour.


Have you made your pitch to be a Reverend Artist yet ?

They make a lot more money off me as a Reverend customer.

But when they want to target the fat, older (whatever-it-is-that-you-call-what-I-play) market, I'm sure I'll be top of mind with them.

If it's any consolation, there'll be another Gretsch coming along soon.


Hey Frank,they have Support Groups for that GAS issue of yours.


Sweet guitar! It didn't even get scratched when it hit your porch---lucky!

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