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NGD: yet another one.


So I had this Strat neck (ancestry unknown) in the cupboard along with a couple of pedals I didn't want. A pal of mine liked the pedals and had a Strat body doing nothing. So we did a swap. It had a black pickguard that made it look a bit gloomy so I ordered up a blue pearl pickguard and backplate (£15). It needs the intonation sorting, but I now seem to have another Strat.

I'm told the body is a Squier, possibly a Silver Series. The pickups sound nice and the wiring (with full-size pots) is neat and substantial, but I don't recognise the saddles. That's enough Strats for me.


Forgot the pic......


That's handsome. I don't know that I've seen that color scheme before.


That's enough Strats for me.

said Doctor Doolittle just before his conversational brunch.


That is a cool color combination, Dave! It took me many years to appreciate Stratocasters, I had to grow as a musician, clean it up, and learn how to take advantage of the dynamics a good Strat has to offer. I only have one Strat, and it's a keeper, the body feels alive when I play it. Enjoy this beauty!


Not sure what the colour looks like in the photo but the body is supposed to be silver grey. I was wondering what colour pickguard to go for when herself said the grey matched the sofa and blue pearl would go with a couple of the cushions -- in which case the guitar could be hung on the sitting room wall. You might not believe this but I really hadn't thought of that. So it's now on the sitting room wall looking very fetching. Apparently.


Congrats Dave,looks nice!


when herself said

Yes, well.

Mine seems to know guitars only by their colors or other cosmetic features. This means I could have all the guitars of any particular color combination I wanted. It also means she sometimes likes guitars - even if they're new and theoretically verbøten - based on color (and sometimes shape).

I'm supposed to keep seasonally hued guitars out at all times. Red, green, silver for Christmas season, oranges and browns for fall, pastels for spring, whites and blacks and sparkles for winter, oceanic hues and yellows for summer.

Whatever works.


She’s a looker. Congrats!


Pretty great looking guitar, congratulations!


"So, I had this neck laying around in the cupboard..."

Me, too.

I need to decide either to put the StratPlus back together, and use it for another build. Or just keep it and the wonderful original as a substitute/pair combo.

I like your idea in a "JazzJagCaster" configuration...now to figure what pickups and to overcome some prognosticating to pull it off.

Good for you!


Fender has done some interesting combos in their Alternate Universe line or whatever they call it, but they cost way too much. a Telecaster with Jazzmaster pickups and tremolo is a cool idea, but it's not $2200 worth of cool.

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