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NGD Vintage Mosrite


Yet another Mosrite. I’ll give more details tonight when I’m at work on my laptop but just received this. A circa 1972 Mosrite Mark V. It’s Cherryburst. In person it looks great but in photos looks so so. Was surprised at how good this looks. I thought I liked my Fillmore and I do, but this has a magic to it the Fillmore doesn’t quite have. I would still certainly recommend a Fillmore any day but I got a great deal on this so I could not pass it by. Came in a Taylor hard case that looks like would fit an ES-335.

More details tonight when I’m at work. I work from 11:00 PM pst to 7:30 so I figure I have most of the night minus some actual work I do to do a better write up, but for now some pictures.


Was concerned an early 70s model may not be so good but my concerns are not warranted. This is amazing. Another picture.


Yeahman! Easy to fall for that.

That red-to-black burst is such a cliché on 60s Japanese guitars - it's great to see it at high gloss on a level finish and looking so good. That's like the ultimate redburst.



Yeahman! Easy to fall for that.

That red-to-black burst is such a cliché on 60s Japanese guitars - it's great to see it at high gloss on a level finish and looking so good. That's like the ultimate redburst.


– Proteus

Agree. That’s a great color.

How’s that whammy? Looks cool as heck.


The whammy is great. My favorite whammies are Mosrite. They have a really nice touch to them. They are really sensitive in the respect you get a great response when you use them. Go really light or heavy on it and you get pretty much that. Some trems I don’t think you get that sort of response. There are two types of Mosrite vibratos. Vibramute and the Moseley. To me they feel exactly the same. I have both. The Vibramute is generally more in demand to collectors. I’m no collector I just get what I can and what I like if the price is right. Apparently I interchange vibrato with trem or tremolo but you get what I’m saying.

Yeah I was surprised at how good that finish looks.

Tim that’s true on so many 70s Japanese guitars you get that color. This one though was made by Semie in the US. He may have gotten those tuners from Japan tho.


The story is that I got it for pretty cheap. It was $899 plus shipping and tax. It was Guitar Center in Florida, somewhere near Miami. I think a section of Hollywood Florida but there is another name that escapes me. I wasn't in the market for any more Mosrites or guitars but when I found this one at that price it was hard to pass up. These early '70s Mosrites go for about $2,000 to $2,500 so I got a great deal.


Congrats.....looks like you got a super deal. Guitar looks really clean. I have a Hallmark but the only real Mosrite I ever played was in really bad condition...would love to play one in decent shape. I wonder if you wanted to get a better fitting case if Bob Shade over at Hallmark would sell you one of those faux gator covered Hallmark cases? Those cases fit perfect and are really nicely made.


Stunningly beautiful! Congrats on the new guitar!


Now you have to get a decent case before the current one causes any damage. Lots of play showing in the photos.


PlayerOne that's true. I think the current case not really shaped for that guitar may cause problems in the future. I am going to take Gretschadelphia suggestion about a Hallmark case since Hallmark and Mosrite should be the same dimensions. I'll email Bob Shade to find out how much a case is. Those Hallmark cases are really nice. The only two Mosrites I played before this were in bad shape so it was hard to get a feel how real Mosrites are. Fortunately this one is great. One day I do want a setneck just to have that style and I am going to get a Hallmark Custom 60. I didn't plug one in but tried a used one once and it was really nice. Wade thanks, it's certainly a nice and fun guitar.



Stunning. Especially at that age. Congrats!


This is the first guitar that’s given me GAS in a long time.


The Mosrite style guitars can be stunning. I took my C60 into GC recently and it got quite a bit of attention from the minute I opened the case. When I mentioned the price, the interest really amped up. (pardon the pun)


It's nice that Mosrite is starting to get some deserved attention. Bob Shade does a great job with his Hallmarks. Bob is also the go to guy for vintage Mosrites. Before Hallmark, Bob specialized in restoring and repairing Mosrites (he still does).


Congrats on the guitar! Pedantic note - it's a Mark I, not a Mark V.

Also, the Vibramute and Moseley vibratos are functionally the same in that they have the same dimensions, geometry, spring, bearings and axle. The difference is the Vibramutes are brass and the Moseleys are aluminum.


Thanks guys for the congrats.

Oh yes, Mark 1. I probably was thinking about my 1966 Mark V when I typed Mark V rather than Mark 1, LOL.

Mel, thanks for the info on the Vibramute vs. the Moseley. I didn't know what was the difference.

Do you know much about early '70s vs 70s Mark 1s?

NJ Bob, yeah if you run across a good deal on one of these jump on it. You will be happy. There is more to the story about this guitar than I mentioned but I was tired last night and didn't write everything. In a separate post I'll write about it.

PlayerOne I can imagine that your Hallmark did indeed make people take notice. Most people these days aren't aware of Mosrite style guitars such as actual Mosrites or Hallmarks. I love these guitars. These make my Strats seem boring I am regretful to feel that way but it's true. I do want to buy a Hallmark Custom 60. That will have to wait until next year though.


The story behind me getting this is interesting. Here it goes.

Everyday I check the Guitar Center website for Mosrite. They are not an authorized dealer for new Mosrites such as Kurokumo and Fillmore as well as Dana Moseley "Original Mosrites but they carry used ones in case someone sells one to them or trades in for another guitar such as the Fillmore I got that our very own GDP member Geoff did and now I have his former guitar. Well, I was not in the market for one but I saw they had one listed as Mosrite Avenger and I've seen them up there in the past and I never zoom in on the picture because I have an Avenger already and don't need another one but some reason I zoomed in. The photos at the GC website are generally horrible and when you zoom in you usually can't make out detail because the resolution is bad normally and this was the case. But I was able to make out that there was a lot of writing on the headstock and knew it couldn't just say "Mosrite Avenger" on it. I have seen a similar headstock on the net before so I investigated as many pics on the internet as I could and I found it was a "Mosrite of California by Semie Moseley" which turns out to be early '70s. I called GC in Hallandale, FL and asked the associate to checkout the guitar for me and read the headstock. Turns out it said exactly like I thought it did. They had it listed as an Avenger and priced as one. $899 is about average price for an Avenger in good shape. Then I thought I just have to grab it although I should not spend anymore money on guitars. I got 0% interest for 6 months on the GC card so I thought that's doable. I have no idea why they listed this as an Avenger. GC employees are not Mosrite experts since this is not a common guitar but why did they think it was an Avenger? I don't know. Very odd.

I believe an early '70s model usually goes for $2,000 to $2,500 depending on condition and if case comes with it. I don't have original case but it's in great shape for an old guitar so I can guess this could go for $2,250 or so. So I scored.


One last thing. Semie Moseley sadly had to file for bankruptcy in 1969. Good thing is he reorganized and was able to go back into guitar making about 1971. I heard he lost the Mosrite name some how but started making guitars under the Gospel name but they had the name Mosrite on it anyway. How he lost the name and to who, I don't know? Maybe to the courts as part of the bankruptcy protection deal. Regardless I have an actual Mosrite. My understanding is he had a bunch of bodies and necks as well as other parts from his factory from per-bankrupcy so this could be 1960s parts in my early '70s Mark 1 but I don't know for sure. I think he stayed in the Bakersfield (CA) area after he emerged from bankruptcy. I read some place called Pumpkin City, I think. Odd name. Never heard of it before. Went to various places such as Arkansas and Jonas Ridge, NC. Not sure why moving so much. Was he still an ordained Reverend and did that have to do with it? Did he have a ministry that moved a couple times therefore his guitar business or was there another reason?

One question I had was he started this guitar business with the Reverend Boatrite, I think that's the name, why does no one mention him? Did he disappear from earth after Mosrite was started?


This Japanese guy is playing a Mosrite like mine. In another video you see the headstock and know it’s the same era from the writing except mine is painted and his not.


Love the backstory! SCORE! That's outstanding. Lucky you.


From wikipedia:

"By 1956, with an investment from Ray Boatwright, a local Los Angeles minister, Semie and Andy started their company, Mosrite of California. In gratitude to Boatwright, Moseley named the company by combining his and Boatwright's last names; the name is properly pronounced MOZE-rite, based on the pronunciation Semie Moseley used for his own name"


Fritz, thanks for the info. I couldn't find any mention of the Rev. Boatwright anywhere but maybe it's because I was spelling his name wrong! LOL. Maybe if Semie had spelled Mosrite, Moswright I would have looked up the Rev correctly. LOL. I should have checked Wiki like you did for Mosrite info and I would have found the info. I wonder what became of the Rev. I might be wrong but I think Semie was still an active preacher even when his guitar company was in existence.

Actually I'm going to look up that Wiki article because I want to know more. I don't know who Andy is. Man, without the Rev. Boatwright there may have been no Mosrite and I don't mean in name only. Semie may have not had any funding to get it off the ground and maybe he would have gone back to work for Ric or even made his way over to Fender, both in Fullerton (CA) so he'd have to move back to Fullerton and leave Bakersfield.


Late to the discussion, but wanted to offer congrats on a great looking guitar at a great price. Enjoy.

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