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NGD: TV Jones Spectra Sonic Supreme


Hi All, Just received the beauty! The playability and tone are both top notch. And it's number 0009.


really sweet, congrats! volume & tone knobs? if so, how's the tone pot work?


These guitars always appealed to me. Then again, I wasn't keen on the idea of them having Power'trons, so I never tried to get one.

Congratulations and play it in good health.


Beauty. Congratulations.


I came very close to buying S/N 0007 from Tom a couple of years ago. Wonderful guitars. Have often regretted passing that up. Congrats!


Thanks guys. One volume and one tone. The tone is very responsive. The TV Jones (rather than Gretsch) version has Classics, which is why I went after one if these. I prefer Classics over Powertrons for my needs.


Would it be rude to ask you how much you paid?


Congratulations on a great guitar.


Looks like a great guitar. I think this model, or some other very similar, was distributed by Gretsch at some point, right? Is there any sort of international distribution for this guitar now?


Welcome to the club,Travis Here´s mine, modded with an armrest a SS True Arc and a selfmade handle. It sounds and plays wonderful !!! Just the colors are exchanged


These guitars always appealed to me. Then again, I wasn't keen on the idea of them having Power'trons, so I never tried to get one.

Congratulations and play it in good health.

– Ric12string

R12, These are much different in their response than the Gretsch Licensed spectrasonic. The Gretsch licensed model had a spruce top and alder body, with a Padauk fretboard on mahogany neck with powertrons.

The Tvjones model has a maple top with ebony fretboard and neck is maple with Tvjones Classics

So... you can see that the updated Tvjones version is a much brighter and spankier model. More air and jangle around the notes, even more ricky and tele response on tap without losing any classic gretsch sound.

The two gretsch spectrasonics I owned were from different Japanese plants and had variance in the neck feel and finish but sounded the same. These guitars in general change up their character very very easy with pickup changes. I removed my pwr'trons and went through every possible combination of sets and mismatched Tvjones pickups, only to settle on a mismatch of TK Smith's Stratosphere neck pickup and tvjones supertron bridge pickup with a split coil. Which ironically made the instrument sound closer to the new Tvjones upgraded model. :)

When I first got my Spectra I immediately dumped the bridge for a powertron+ as I was using the guitar to get as close to my Dad's Epiphone Sheraton II, which screams with overdriven amps. That spectra with the powertron+ bridge was killer crunch.

My tastes changed over time with the guitar and the desire to get the sound that I heard at Namm with a demo model Tom had when he was downstairs just blew my mind or rather I woke up to what the guitar model might be capable of and thats when it got magnatrons, classics,t90s,tarmonds(take the soapbar cover off, cram it in the guitar), supertrons, etc.

When TK Smith fabricated all the western swing motiff for me and that awesome stratosphere pickup, I had the sound I wanted and the supertron paired nicely in the bridge.

All to say, its Tom's present model that takes the model's design to its full potential.


btw.. why is it so hard for google to crawl this website so that pics from the GDP pop up to access articles.. its bugs the living sh$ttle out of me. @rick12 any thoughts, its effn sad. Open my ig'nant eyes on this please. took forever to find a nice pic of the original ad, or one of them.

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