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NGD: Truly a couldn’t-pass-it-up deal


I haven't bought a new guitar in quite a long time but I had been watching out for certain guitars on a lot of different sites/stores. One of them was the TV Jones Spectra Sonic. I had come to the realization that although I loved them, the SS Supreme was out of my price range, so I was looking at some used SS Standards (in the $1500/$1750 USD range).

Then it happened. Last Saturday night I returned from a trip to visit family in New Hampshire when I checked the Guitar Center Used page. I figured I'd check for a few of my favorite search terms, including Gretsch, Atkins, & TV Jones. There is was...a red TV Jones Spectra Sonic Supreme for such a good deal that I figured it had to be a mistake. I called the store (the Hollywood, CA Guitar Center) and sure enough, it wasn't AND they still had it available. I bought it immediately and started the waiting game of shipping.

As it had to travel from LA to Maine, it took a week but it arrived this afternoon. After letting it warm up in the box for 4 hrs, I opened it and took this quick shot. It's even better than I had hoped! The original GC photos showed no flame on the top but it turns out they were just bad pics!

I won't play it until tomorrow but I wanted to share my latest addition!


Damn Mark that is sweet man,congrats!!! I also do the same thing a couple times a week searching through GC & Sam Ash used sites.


I'm pretty certain I played this guitar a few weeks ago! It felt great. Congratulations!


Wow - that is pretty sweet!!


Congrats! I'm always amazed at the crappy picture(s) on the GC used website. Virtually no descriptions either!


Pretty pretty. Score! Merry Christmas, to YOU!


Now that should bring you some Christmas cheer!! Great score and hope it plays like a dream and topples your expectations. Congratulations on this one have fun gettin' to know her!


It looks great. I have wanted to try one since I first saw them.

How does it compare to a DuoJet?


Congrats on your find. Pretty and a great player.


Congrats and welcome to the Spectrasonic Club!!!


It looks great. I have wanted to try one since I first saw them.

How does it compare to a DuoJet?

– NJBob

I don't have a DJ, but a Penguin instead.The SS is IMO somewhat wider in sound and the sound is brighter as on the Penguin..Also is the neck wider in space like on a classical guitar.I would say something between a tele and a Paula.


I'd love to have one. I'm jelly. Congrats!




Yay! Just in time for Christmas, too.

No matter what, one must pull the trigger when the target appears, yes?



If it sounds as good as it looks, then you have a winner!



Now that is rather lovely,congrats sir!

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