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NGD — Then there were 3….


Well the first Rick 650, the one that started it all, is off shedding ugly Montezuma Brown finish for kool Cardinal Red. The 2nd later era 650 is the one converted to 12 with the whitest maple board anywhere. The newest is a nice 10 old Fireglo one where the board must have been stained down from white to yellow. Still this looks to be a winner. I always change them over to traditional white logos and loose the ugly metal guard for Pickguardian plastic, plus I prefer just master tone and volume setup anyway.


But there are only two.


The 3rd one is off losing Montezuma Brown for Cardinal Red and of course will be posted when it gets here .. then there can be all three seen at once.


Ah. Yes, you explained. You know how visual we are here...

(And Montezuma Brown should certainly be lost!)


Other than Jetglo, I think Montezuma brown is the only other finish that looks good with the gold pickguard &TRCs. I don't like the gold PGs on the 660 Fireglo, Natural, Midnight Blue, etc.

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