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NGD-Tele copy


Hi guys. I was surfing around Black Friday and came across this "Elite" brand tele copy offered for $215 with free shipping. I couldn't find out a lot about this brand. They claim they assemble their guitars in the US using foreign and domestic parts. They use "Z"-mule pickups. They said this tele is made from "Northern Swamp Ash" and regular price was $695. Well by sunday it was lowered to $187, so I thought I'd go for it. It turned out to be a pretty decent guitar,and it does seem to be a light weight guitar.The advertised weight was 6lbs. I'm not sure about the pickups yet. It will mainly take the place of the squier strat I recently sold, a guitar I can leave out and not worry about it getting a ding or two. Here's a pic.


Love the color! HNGD.


Thanks, Bear!


Bear beat me to it. Cool color! Enjoy.


Twom, great score. I like Teles with rosewood boards. The guitar color complements the rosewood.


Enjoy as I think you got a winner. Love the color!!!


Nice deal! Another vote for the color.


Great deal, Twom. Hope you enjoy it.

I luv my tele.


That's the way to do it! Congrats!


Thanks everbody, and happy holidays to you all!

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