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NGD — righteous Rick 650 in kool ruby finish


It poses along w/ my other one which is soon to be for sale.... Rick's best finish.. ruby, along w/ killer wide maple board, ricken-buckers -- some serious fun happening here.


Hey now! That looks like some fun right there.


humbuckers, ruby red, maple fretboard??? the anti-ric!! haha



humbuckers, ruby red, maple fretboard??? the anti-ric!!

And only six strings! Is that thing really a Ric???


Looks cool. Congrats.

And make yourself a cover to place over that open bay. So wrong when you open your case and the beauty of your guitar is overshadowed by a junk drawer of stuff.

My Ric case came with TWO open bays! Went right to work and fixed the problem:


Not to be too obsessive here, but..........

RIC = Rickenbacker International Corp

Rick = any instrument made by RIC

Ricky = Lucy Ricardo's husband

Seems like a lot of people play Lucy's husband or a corporation.


Ricky is also Ozzie and Harriet's son, David's little brother, and an outstanding rocker in his own right.


That's a sweet looking guitar. Love the colour. I admire people who can play Rickenbackers. I can't!


You forgot one

Ric = Ocasec

just sayin.....

The 650 is playable cause of the wide neck and tall frets.... I haven't done well on the other ones. And I do want to cover the open bay storage. The case could have been designed better.


Everytime I see Rickenbackers referred to as "Ric",I remember as a kid looking at the Ten Years After album and seeing the name Ric Lee...... .... anyhow those Rickenbackers look cool. LOVE Rics.....


I truly love the shape of the Rick 600 series, but I have to say, I wish the body was just a little bit bigger, maybe 1/2 to 3/4 size all around.

I just think it looks small.



Congrats DC,it's been a long while since i played a maple necked Rickenbacker,it was a turquoise 650 Atlantis !

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