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Managed to pick up a Fender Marauder for cheap on Reverb. They were only made for a couple years (mid 2011 to 2013). 24.75" scale and a Fender "Tri-bucker" pickup in the bridge and a Jazzmaster PU at the neck. MOTS pickguard and back plate. Rosewood fingerboard. It feels solid and has a lively acoustic sound. Plugged into my AC30 sounds quite awesome. The Lake Placid Blue paint is gorgeous. I tried to buy a Marauder twice a couple years ago off the Guitar Center website. I would get an order confirmation, and then two days later an e-mail saying the guitar was not in stock and the paypal money refunded. Has anyone else had that happen?


I've not seen that before and it's good looking. When I think of Fender weird I think Jag-Stang.


I sure like mine. Something unique in the Fender realm - all Fender, all different. Juicy tone in all positions from the fat P90 at the bridge to the quacking (but rich) in-betweens to the sledgehammer bucker at the bridge. It's all good!


Marauder is an awful name for a musical instrument.


Neat guitar. No attempt to derail, but I just bought a PRS Vela (which I never, ever, in a million years expected to ever say), which reminds me of your guitar. Not my picture, BTW. The guitar won't land here until Tuesday--the one I've bought eve has a pearloid pickguard like your guitar -- although I think the original white one will go back on.


I dunno...it's a pretty predatory guitar. Takes no prisoners.

Also, the name is borrowed from a 60s Fender that was never released - which, ironically considering the impressive display of pickups on the modern Marauder - had its pickups hidden under the pickguard, so it looked like it had none.


Gibson also made a Marauder in the '70's. I guess Fender didn't mind them using the name of a guitar that flopped.


Offset: The amount or distance by which something is out of line.



Offset: The amount or distance by which something is out of line.


– Hipbone

My favorite movie ever!

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