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NGD: Midtown Kalamazoo


Actually got this a few weeks ago and just now having time to post. I've gotten more interested in shorter scale instruments lately, resulting in more playing time for the Jaguar and Mustang. The Kalamazoo has a 23.5" scale and a 1.695" nut width. The coil splitting feature yields decent single coil tone. My only beef is that it was marketed as a hollow body and it's not; even with chambering it's a heavy guitar. I'm still getting acquainted with it. I'm fairly certain it's worth what I paid, but only time will tell if it's worth keeping.


Yes I had one and they are cool and neck is decently wide enough. ACtually I recall having a nut installed that had somewhat wider string spacing and it made the neck feet wider still.. A bit heavy tho

At the moment I am doing ok w my tweaked up duo sonics at 24" scale, and soon to try a 90s duo sonic @ 22.7 scale. why they went with that instead of the original 22.5... not sure.


Nice. My only experience with a short scale is a Fender mini-Strat and I wasn’t real pleased. I think that the wider nut of the Midtown would probably make all the difference in the world. Congrats


Hey, nice guitar! I hope it works out well for you. It certainly is a good looker! I'm fond of simi hollow Gibsons.


interesting. it's almost a Gibson version of the Gretsch Junior series guitars. even at 23.5" that body looks quite small.


The lower bout is 15" wide and the body is 1.75" deep, so it is a small guitar. The top is flat; no arch at all.


These are perennially on my watch list. Super cool, and the closest thing to a Byrdland I'm ever likely to see. Someday...



The only short scale guitar i ever owned was a Rickenbacker 325V59 ,20.75",tough wee bugger to play,but i wish i still had it.

I did try a late 60's Byrdland a few years ago that i thought was lovely,but stupidly priced .


There was an Epi Elitist Byrdland available at the same time, but it was over three times the cost of the Kalamazoo. It didn't seem like a good idea to spend that much money until I knew whether the scale was going to work for me. Someone purchased it.


Lovely guitar. Congrats!


These are perennially on my watch list. Super cool, and the closest thing to a Byrdland I'm ever likely to see. Someday...

– Rhythmisking

Very little Byrdland-ish about those other than the scale length. Construction wise they're much closer to an ES-335/Les Paul hybrid. The Epiphone Elitist Byrdlands, on the other hand, are virtually indistinguishable from the Gibbys in looks, feel and sound. Plenty pricey when they turn up, no doubt, but still, $2,400 to $2,500 vs 6 to 8 grand or more for a used Gibson makes them well worth seeking, if that's your thing.


The asking price for the Epi Elitist Byrdland was over $3,800 USD.


I had a blond and sunburst Epi Elitist Byrd back when they were $1800 used and they are superb. That's why they were disconinued... ate into sales of US Byrdlands. But get one if you can. Wish I had kept the sunburst one.


If I could get an Epi Elitist Byrdland for $1,800 I'd take that deal in a heartbeat.


there's a Greco Byrdland--from the 80s i think?--on Reverb right now for less than $2000. probably not for long, though.


I recall doing the research on the 70s Ibanez Byrdland -- some said it really wasn't 23.5 scale but just a copy of the body w normal scale of their other jazz boxes.

I never knew either way.


Pretty sure the Ibanez copies had a 24.75" scale. They were great guitars none the less.

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