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NGD- LP Gold Top


Thought for sure a Jet would be the ideal companion to my Phoenix, but I just couldn’t come to terms with the slim neck, and if I was honest, there was just a little bit of ‘heft’ I was missing in the sound. There were things that I liked and things that I disliked about the LP I played back in the 90s, but with the Jet not doing it for me I decided to give an LP a shot again. I knew a 50’s neck profile would feel good, and took a chance on P90s (one of the things I didn’t like about my 90s LP was the PAFs were just a little too muddy…). First order of business was a Bigsby- I’ve become so accustomed to having one I almost feel like I can’t play an electric guitar without one now (went with a Towner V-block system- great solution to put the much better feeling B3 on an LP)- and a Compton (intonation with a wound G is spot-on). I kinda liked the bridge P90, but the neck…. ugh. Having been through the TV Jones lineup in getting my Phoenix the way I wanted it I decided to start with a Powertron/Powertron+ combo in the LP- jackpot on the first try. Boy this thing sounds great in all p/u selector positions and pretty much all levels of gain through my AC30 from clean to maxed-out. The heft of a PAF LP with the clarity of a Jet. My heart still belongs to the Phoenix, but I expect I’ll be playing this thing nearly half the time now…..


I LOVE P90 Goldtops. I had a '54 RI Les Paul For a long time and want another one now. Interesting choice for pickups - I'm sure it sounds great! I still love whatever Gibson is putting in their good P90 guitars at the moment though.


Can't beat the powertron combo in a solid body. They add a fullness that reminds me of my hollowbodies. And the black covers look great on that goldtop!


Ooh! Very noice!! Congrats on hitting paydirt with a great guitar.


Cool guitar! It's a Gretschified Les Paul with the Bigsby, the Power'trons and the Compton.

Despite appearances Jets have more in common with 6120s than Les Pauls. Jets also cover a sonic territory which is closer to Telecasters than to Les Pauls.


I have one of those only my P90's are Kent Armstrong's.


Yes, it definitely is a 'Gretschified' LP- feels/sounds like I'm getting the best of both, at least for my style/sound. My main guitar has been a Gretsch Phoenix with a P'tron+ bridge and Magnatron neck, which can cover a pretty broad range of sounds, but misses just a little something with heavier/high-gain stuff. Enter the LP. Thinking now I may swap out the P'tron+ in the Phoenix for something else and make that my more generally 'clean' guitar. Maybe a Magnatron, or T-armond in the bridge.....


echoplex, Starting with the fact you have a Phoenix and ending with everything you wrote, I can safely say we are searching for the exact same thing in guitars. The only difference is that I too abandoned the idea of a Jet and instead got a '14 LP Traditional with '59 reissue pups back in October of '14. I guarantee you'd love it.

I love you gold top and extra kudos playing thru the AC 30. Congratulations and enjoy!!!


Funny, I was kinda looking at a wine-red LP Traditional, but I knew I didn't want PAFs (played an LP Custom a lot in the 90s, always seemed just a tad too 'thick', and I love the look of P-90s...). I think this gold-top is actually called something like a 'Traditional Pro'- apparently a custom run in 2011 only available through GC. Push-pull pots that tapped the coils on the stock P-90s, but I've replaced that with vintage-style wiring. Might go back to push-pulls to split the coils on the P'trons, as I've read the sounds from that are actually useful.

Just realized I have a TVJ bridge Magnatron lying around- might put that in the Phoenix now.

Technically I'm not playing through an AC30 (though I do have an AC15HW and use AC30s when I have to rent backline)- I'm using a Valvetech Hayseed 30, which I will say is a magnificent amp. Paid less than a hand-wired AC-30 goes for, for an American-made, boutique clone of a vintage AC-30. Can't speak highly enough about the Hayseed 30!

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