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NGD (kinda) - Moderne Copy


I picked this Moderne copy up a month or two ago, since it's a Dillon it needed a little tweaking before I could call it playable. I upgraded the horrendous stock string trees and at the urging of Walter Broes I installed a Roadhouse VistaTone pickup (which is awesome....really!)

It was kind of an experiment to see if I liked the body style (I do). I'm already kind of gassing for a Gibson model, but luckily the thick necks keep me from getting too close. I already talked to a guy about building a custom one with a 60's slim Gibson neck (like my '61 SG RI) but his price was sky-high - so I'm still fooling with this one.

I'd like to get it custom painted with a sparkle paintjob just to make it even more obnoxious.


I own two Dillions (PRS style), and have played several others --- SG;s, 335's, Lesters, Strats, Teles, etc. All have been great playing and sounding instruments, so I'm surprised that yours needed tweaking.



How's the weight on it?

I got a Dillion Mosrite copy for my son and it's the heaviest guitar he owns, but it played and sounded great right out of the box


The tweaking was more or less related to the string trees on the headstock - stock on left, custom on right - the weird headstock shape requires a weird solution. Otherwise it plays fine. It sounded too much like a Les Paul when I got it so I wasn't super jazzed about it until I got the VistaTone into the bridge. Now it's a wild single coil burner.

It's full pine, so it's super lightweight, definitely lighter than either of my jets, pretty close to the Hot Rod I think? It also plays great, the tuning situation with those trees is mind-boggling, I honestly never missed a true 3x3 setup until now.


I've been playing it today - I can't recommend the VistaTone pickup enough - it's a humbucker-sized single coil. It's tonally changed the entire character of the guitar, which is pretty impressive for a pine slab. LOL


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