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NGD-It ARRIVED! the Dusenberg Joe F Walsh


So...I went to Chicago for the Christmas Holiday...and, all I got was this Duesenberg Joe F Walsh signature guitar! I gotta say....I LOVE IT!!!!! I had my eye on these since they were announced but there was no way I was ever going to get to see a new one in Kansas City. So, going to Chicago I knew I had to visit the Chicago Music Exchange and see what they had. I was not looking to buy anything in particular...but, when I saw this and picked it up...my wife said "that sure is pretty". (I had previously shown her pictures of these guitars and she was ...let me say...."unimpressed" :oops:). So, I held her in my arms a bit (the guitar...not my wife) and played her....then, I knew I had to go see my salesman, David A.

I told David what I had seen, and told him that I wanted him to quote me a price that would make me not be able to say "no"...and, sure enough, he DID! So, I told him I would take it.

CME did a great job of packaging the guitar for shipment. I bought it late on Christmas Eve, they shipped it the following Tuesday (first day of business after Christmas) and I got it two days later. I had to let it acclimate for the longest 8 hours of my life and opened the case to my new Duesenberg.

This is the first Duesenberg I have ever owned. Now, I regret waiting so long to get one! I know that I am still in the Honeymoon...but, seriously, this is one of the best guitars in my stable! It stands right up there with my Gretsch 6118....Collings I-35....PRS Custom 22 and Les Paul Standard guitars. Fit and finish is impeccable. Ironically, I don't like guitars with Gold hardware...and this one does have some Gold...but, it is so tastefully done (IMHO) that I hardly notice it (the pickup covers, tailpiece and pickguard are gold). It is also my very first "black" guitar. I love the aged binding and the art deco headstock!

So...how does it sound? Well....I don't play "heavy" stuff....I like poppy jangly stuff, and it has it in spades. It is in the field with my Gretsch guitars (6118 has filters, the other is a 5120 with TV Classics). It seems a bit hotter and brighter to me than those guitars. The bridge pickup is bright without getting spikey...the neck pickup is more mellow but still had a nice clean ringing musicality. The combination of the two almost makes me think of one of the out of phase Strat tones, but not quacky if that makes any sense. The Volume and Tone controls actually have a range of effect and not just at the top third or so of the dials!

So, needless to say, I am a very happy camper and am enjoying these COLD days where I just stay in and play my guitar!

Here are some iPhone photos...


That looks great. Congrats.


Great looking guitar! Congrats


I was at this show in Warren OH


That's a looker. Thanks for the story!



We expect a full rundown!


Duesenberg makes the supermodels of guitars. They are so pretty! Congratulations.

The neck pickup pole stagger is really interesting.


Duesenbergs appear to be fine, high quality guitars, and from I was told by a guitar company owner, they are made in the same factory as Italia and Reverend, along with a few other fairly well-known guitars.

I wouldn't mind having a Double-Cat, 6-string or 12!


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