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NGD - I’m a RickyBob now! - edit: Not so fast.


Congrats. Rich are awesome. -- ThePolecats

Who is Rich?


Congrats. Rich are awesome. -- ThePolecats

Who is Rich?

– Ric12string

Oops what was I thinking?

Rics are great not Rich (unless it is Don Rich!) LOL.

Congrats Bob, you are a Ric player now!


Thanks for the congrats, all. After much messing, googling and knob twiddling, I have discovered that the knob placement is not what everyone on the inter webs says/thinks. Either they are all wrong or some previous owner has moved them to "other than normal" Ric positions. I've sussed it now.



– Mark G

Agreed. An amazing deco font. Even got the drop shadow in as well.

What's that one called Bob? It's fantastic.


It's called Market Deco. Lots of great fonts out there for free.

So, anyway, this is how my Ric/12 is arranged. Any of youse Ric players have a different arrangement?


Gosh, I honestly can't remember. Except that the 330/6 with HiGains wasn't the same layout as a four pot Gibson.

Everything was run flat out, then judicious juggling of the blend control and the toggle for rhythm/lead balance. The best sound it made was when both pickups were on with the blend control set all the way over to bias the rhythm pickup.

I'd expect the toaster pickups to be just dandy on the twelve. Bass low, compressor up and you'll be flying.

Thanks for the font link. Lovely.


Thanks, ade! I'll try that when my Jangle Box arrives.


Awesome. 660/12 w/ the wider nut is the one. People can bitch and moan three days from Sunday about Rick's little eccentricities and how John Hall is an arrogant tool but nothing sounds like a Rick 12 w/ Toaster pu's. My limited personal experience with a 660/12 is that they play great when properly set-up (like any other guitar), are incredibly well balanced on a strap or sitting down and we all know what kind of tone a Rick 12 produces. Just a set-up hint: Ricks play and sound best with as little relief as possible in the neck. Oh yeah, the tone and vol knob placement on your 660 is the same as it was on my '13 620/6.


Thanks Greg.

Gretchadelphia, All good to know. Thanks for the info.


Great score, Bob! And DCBirdman is a delight to do business with, isn't he?

Looking forward to meeting this new girlfriend in April. I may have to bring my 350 Liverpool, and we may have to play You Can't Do That together with them.

(I never bring electric six-strings to Balto-DC that aren't Gretsches, but an exception seems to be called for, here.)



I'll start practicing You Can't Do That right away. Who's part will you sing? If you sing John's, I'll do George's. I doubt I can hit Paul's notes in the middle eight.


My mistake was I bought a Rick 620/6 in ruby red on a whim at the Philly Vintage show a few years ago. The guitar was beautiful, the price was right, and it played nice and sounded good. It was a really nice guitar but it became expendable as I could pretty much get that kind of 6 string tone from other guitars so I sold it without taking much of a hit (Ricks really keep their value). If I would have went with a 12 string I would still have the guitar. The Rick 12 string sound is intoxitcating. The thing that really surprises you as soon as you pick up a 620/660 w/ that neck-thru cresting wave body is how solid and compact the whole thing feels. Almost every Rick 620/660 weighs 8lbs on the nose but feels lighter because they are so perfectly balanced.


SCORE! It's been a good year for acquisition, eh Bob? Lovely Ric.


You said it, Dave. I feel a little dirty.


I'll start practicing You Can't Do That right away. Who's part will you sing? If you sing John's, I'll do George's. I doubt I can hit Paul's notes in the middle eight.

– Bob Howard

We can give the Paul part to house bassist Joe Carey, which will align all the roles properly!



Very nice Bob! I'm envious of your additional 6 strings. I think I have a distant cousin of your Rickenbacker ... acquired from DrMilkTruck here on GDP. I wont be bringing it to a Round-Up though ...


Thanks, Jukka.

Brian, mine is in perfect condition. I guess I should bang it up a bit so I'll feel safe taking it to a roundup. That's what relicing is for, isn't it?

Paul, Sounds great to me. George has the easiest guitar part and the easiest vocal part, too. One of John's manic lead breaks (hints of things to come;?).


I'm no longer a RickyBob12. I sold it. I'm going through guitars like crazy. It's just a phase.

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