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NGD: Hohner ST 59 Update.


Picked it up today. Payed 75 Euro's for it.

Other than getting the trem back to floating and a quick pickup adjustment I've done nothing to it yet. So these pics are barn fresh as they say. Took them in those three sunbeams we got on this stormy day.

It's made by Cort, Korea in 1992. It's very well featured with a two point trem, roller string trees and a micro tilt feature.

Neck is one piece maple with a satin finish, feels good, very flat board radius, though. Frets are still good, need a buff up. No idea what the body is made of.

I measured the pickups at the jack, they're all around the 5.2K mark. They sound surprisingly good.

The bad: There are some dings and scratches on the body and there's a big chunk missing from the nut so I'll have to replace that but I think I have something in the parts drawer.

That yellowed grey pearl pickguard has got to go. I'm gonna replace it with a red pearl one and a matching back plate while I'm at it.

Overall I'm pretty impressed. With a little elbow grease and a make-over it'll be a pretty dang good little guitar.

And a shout out to Sasha for PM-ing me some info.


Looks like a good guitar, great find. I love a good strat. Have fun fixing it up, it's a keeper!


Love it when a 'cheapie' in fact is a very decent guitar. Congrats and indeed it needs another pickguard!


Cleaned it, polished it, buffed it and waxed it. Soaked the white plastic in hydrogen peroxide for a few days, changed the pickguard and fixed the nut.


Now that's better, cool red pick guard! I'm glad you got her fixed up, and that it turned out so well.

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