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NGD: For Mom


My mother bought herself a "Guitar for Dummies" or somesuch a few months back, saying "once I read this book I'll be ready to get a guitar". Of course I sez "well that won't do". So on my trip home last weekend I took her to the Guitar Center next to Fenway Park and did some exploring. She wanted an acoustic, and I decided a steel-string would suit her folksy soft-rock aspirations. We picked up a few dreadnought types, but decided they were too bulky for her, so looked into parlor and 0/00/000 styles. In the end it came down to a Yamaha jumbo and a Recording King 000. I pushed her towards the Recording King, as it offered all-solid construction as opposed to the Yamaha's plywood back-and-sides. I was quite impressed to find an all-solid offering in the price range, and the RK didn't disappoint in the tone or feel departments, though it did slightly disappoint my mother's "I want a shiny guitar" department. I set her up with picks, tuner, stand, and case, and gave her a few lessons before my short weekend trip came to an end.

I think this might put my recent Gretsch Honeydipper purchase on the chopping block, but it's for a good cause.

It's a really fun little guitar, and--with the shallow body and diminutive curves--would make an excellent couch picker for anyone.


Absolutely the right choice. I have a long-standing hanker for a small-bodied acoustic, and every time I look into it, RK is a top contender. (Along with the new Gretsch parlor acoustics.)

Nice thing to do for your mom, too. Shame you have to give up your Honeydipper. Maybe that won't be necessary. Don't let it go till the bill collectors insist.


Go Mom! I love this.

My acoustic is a Yamaha and I would put its tone up with any of the big names. It sounds so good! I don't know how it compares with the Recording King but I've checked them out online. I have to try one someday.


Congrats to mom on the NGD and entering into the world of guitar. She will get GAS soon and Rolaids and Tums won't help.


I have had my eye one that Recording King for 2 years.....maybe more. Great guitar from a damn good son!. Say hi to mom!


Those little parlor Gretsches have a surprisingly big sound, clear and bell-like. Very sweet looking, hard to believe the price. And yes, I want one.

Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to add that you're a good son, Otter. Such a personal thing to share with your Mom.


Otter, that was a sweet gesture! What a great son you are! Now teach mom some chords and post some video when she has her first song down. The GDP will be her first fan base!


Yep, There's some good Karma coming your way sir.


The family that plays together, stays together.

Of course, when Mom gets a pointy guitar and a Marshall stack and wants to shred you might want to consider things differently.

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